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Why LIPA 4:19 is more than a business opportunity

The Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts continues to build on its long and successful tradition of developing young people’s talents with its LIPA 4:19 franchise opportunity.

Giving children the chance to express their individuality, develop personality traits and enjoy childhood is an immensely rewarding way to earn a living. A LIPA 4:19 franchise could enable you to reap rich rewards doing just that.

LIPA 4:19 franchise owners benefit directly from the world-renowned prestige of the main Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, which has given children a fun and educational environment to enjoy for decades. LIPA 4:19 franchise owners are expected to organise and manage classes and even provide first-rate sessions themselves – the rewards of which are infinite.

A LIPA 4:19 franchise is a business opportunity unlike any other: it gives you the chance to be actively involved in the development of a child from age four right up to young adulthood. Whereas the performing arts teaching market is unlike other sectors in its necessity, there will always be a market in parents wanting the best for their children.

Giving children the best possible platform to express their creativity is a fundamental pillar of the franchise offering. The LIPA 4:19 concept is based on the well-recognised idea that growing up is a matter of discovering where creativity lies in children. As academic achievement and the attainment of grades becomes ever more important, LIPA provides welcome, and fundamental, relief to children in a completely different vocation.

As a LIPA 4:19 franchise owner, you would be expected to grow the business in a new and exciting location and recruit and manage excellent tutoring staff to provide performing arts classes. Children today will be able to experience the wonderful magnificence of the LIPA ethos within the timeframe of a franchise contract.

The LIPA training for new owners is delivered at the main Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts. New franchise owners will be meticulously taken through the operational processes that have given the main centre its pioneering status so that they can replicate its practices in a new location.

The LIPA support team is also on-hand to assist with the launch, the accounts, the marketing and troubleshooting of a new business. Business and management experience is desirable, but a personal outlook that falls into line with the ideology of LIPA, as a company, is vital. The business was built on social inclusion, fun and creative environments for children and an educative curriculum that culminates in public performance.

For children, the LIPA experience is as much about personal development as measurable achievement. Seeing children evolve and develop confidence with a LIPA 4:19 franchise will provide unequalled job satisfaction. The lucrative financial rewards that come as a result of building a strong legacy of professionalism in the performing arts industry is, for many, merely a bonus.