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An opportunity that's as tasty as the food

This is dining with a difference.

This is the dinner of the future.

The nation knows and loves piri piri chicken, but have never tasted any as good as this

In truth, it was taste he was after. Andreas wanted a fast food restaurant to be able to offer 'the best'. The fast food industry had left good food to the fine dining restaurants. Andreas wanted to challenge the status quo.

The Southern African Piri-Piri that everyone knew was nice enough, but Andreas knew that there was better. After three years of experimentation with original Portuguese recipes, he had developed the marinade he could call "Piri Fino" the finest Piri Piri.

This marinade was made without compromise, using only natural ingredients, including fresh African birds eye chillies, cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil , fresh garlic, freshly-squeezed lemon juice, sea salt and other fresh ingredients.

In 2010, Andreas opened his first Piri Fino takeaway on Dudley Road in Birmingham. Its sparkling, high-design premises were worthy of a trend-setting restaurant.

Its success was immediate and far-ranging. Almost overnight, Piri Fino built a large and varied customer base which included families, singles, professionals, office and other local workers, students and pensioners. Within a short time it was one of the most popular and profitable takeaways in the area. In 2011 , the first Piri Fino delivery service began operating.

The reason for Piri Fino's success is easy to understand. Piri Fino marries the convenience and affordability of fast food with the more fresh , healthy and exciting food options of fine restaurants.

This places it at the vanguard of a new generation of food service restaurants, known as "fast casual" outlets that are taking the world by storm.

If you are looking for a tasty opportunity in the takeaway restaurant industry, this is the business for you. Piri Fino is a takeaway with a difference - several , actually. Piri Fino offers better taste, better health, better style and a much better future than the competition.

As a Piri Fino franchise owner, you 'll offer customers a world-class customer experience. We provide franchise owners with everything they need to promote and deliver Piri Fino's distinctive offering to the highest standards.

This includes a generous Franchise Package, comprehensive training , business launch support, exclusive commercial access to our signature marinated fresh chicken and other products, ongoing business support and the use of our well respected national brand and trading style.

Fast Casual outlets have already seized 40% of the US market and are widely expected to do the same in the UK over the next decade.

Today's consumers are increasingly conscientious and discerning eaters. Health and weight-conscious, they actively seek healthier meal options. Their tastes shaped by celebrity chefs and foreign travel experiences, evidence indicates the public is drawn to food that is original, authentic and flavourful.

Traditional fast food outlets offer little that is healthy and authentic, and are falling out of favour. Customer visits and sales are stagnating or falling.

Fine restaurants aren't doing much better. With tight schedules and tighter budgets, today's consumers don't have the money, time or patience for full-service meals.

Unmatched Opportunity, Realise Your Goals

Piri Fino's goal is to develop a national network that is universally respected, using the proven methodologies established by Piri Fino and the strengths of its franchise owners. Piri Fino will become one of the first names in fast casual dining in the UK - a favourite takeaway and delivery choice across the nation.

In franchising, Piri Fino harnesses the abilities, energy and dedication of others to realise its goals.

In return , franchise owners enjoy invaluable skills training, a proven business formula, personalised support, a strong brand name, exclusive access to our signature recipe chicken and an unmatched opportunity for success.