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About Us

Franchise Development Solutions International (FDSI), is a wholly Irish-Owned Consultancy, Technology and Media business based in Dublin, Ireland.

FDSI has 3 Core Divisions offering services to clients and investors across the world:

  • International Franchise Consultancy and Strategy
  • Creation and Design of Franchise Information Memorandum & International Franchise Prospectus
  • Franchise Sales, Marketing and Lead Generation Strategy & Planning
  • International Franchise Development Strategy & Business Planning
  • Conception and documentation of Franchise Operations and Training Manuals
  • Franchise Legal Agreement, Trademark & IP Protection

The FDSI team works with the very best, most credible and ethically practicing franchise brands from across the world to assist in providing the necessary advice and guidance on entering new markets, and introducing prospective franchise investors.

FDSI partners with leading Franchise Consultancy & Strategy firms in every continent across the world, offering our clients a ‘single point of contact’ when doing business on a global scale.

FDSI works with Prospective Franchisors to advise and consult on developing a franchise business model for growth to the highest international standards.

FDSI works with investors with liquid funds of €50k to €30m to assist in their acquisition of Single Unit, Multi-Unit, Area Development and Master Franchise Rights.

Online Franchise Media Interests & Expo Partners

FDSI has established 3 successful franchise media platforms for the Irish Market:


FDSI has also acquired further domains for anticipated rollout across Europe in 2017 and 2018. is our latest online franchise platform focusing on a self-service back-end for franchisors to update their content in realtime with High Resolution images and HD video. Apart from our company-owned franchise media, we have also partnered with leading online franchise media companies and publications from around the world, offering our clients the very best in global franchise media pricing.

FDSI also partners with the leading Domestic and International franchise Expo events coordinators. We are currently developing a virtual worldwide franchise conference which will take place in mid 2018.

Technology and Innovative Solutions Portfolio

FDSI offers our clients a portfolio of ‘best in class’ Technology and Innovative Solutions for established and emerging franchisors, as well as to the prospective franchise investors. These include:

  • Customer Loyalty Application Development
  • Franchise Relationship Management Solutions
  • IP, Digital and Analogue Integrated Camera Solutions
  • Virtual Reality Marketing & Web Design
  • Conversational Intelligence/Chatbot Creation
  • Email/Messaging Application Management Solutions
  • E-Learning/E-Training/EPOS Solutions
  • Social Media and Competitor Analytics
  • Behavioural Science Analytics

The FDSI Group are actively engaging with Management Consultancy Businesses across the world interested in offering Technology-Focused International Franchise Development Strategy & Advice in their local markets. Our entire portfolio of solutions and services will be offered to those who meet our qualifying criteria.