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Expendable to entrepreneurial

Investment Required from £25,000 + VAT

If you are thinking that starting a business from scratch is plain sailing, we can tell you that it is not. With 20 years in the making, Suit the City knows what it takes to start a business. We know how difficult it is to spot a gap in the market, find suppliers and invest the time and money in developing a new brand. However, there could be an easier way; buying a tried and tested opportunity, in the form of opting for a franchise.

So, what are the benefits? You will never be alone. As franchisors, we want you to succeed, so you will have all the support you need from head office. We have thought of everything you need to know to run your own successful business. As part of our team, you will have the use of our technology, systems, and suppliers as well as comprehensive training to get you up and earning as quickly as possible.

Initial training takes place at our head office in Buckinghamshire, then further training continues in your territory. For the next three months, a Director will shadow and advise you on your first sales appointments. You will be given a comprehensive Operations Manual, which is the guide to everything you need to know to run a Suit the City franchise.

The initial investment is £25,000, but you can start marketing your business even before training commences, meaning that you can hit the ground running.

It is the perfect opportunity for highly motivated, ambitious individuals that love meeting new people and are willing to learn new skills. A passion to provide excellent customer service is a necessity along with innovative thinking to market your business.

There is the opportunity to grow your business even further by expanding into the women’s market. You will receive a commision and Sallie Belton, Technical Director, will measure women on your behalf. At Suit the City, we have a passion for our brand and are looking for 50 entrepreneurial franchise owners to work with us in the UK to achieve our goals.

"Suit the City is the perfect business opportunity for highly motivated, well-connected individuals that love clothes and meeting new people."

Carol Rawson, Suit the City