Build a healthier business in allergen control

Allergistics UK is the first British company specialising in the provision of allergen control using medically accredited techniques. In association with Asthma Relief, we have developed a groundbreaking six-stage, nontoxic, indoor allergen control system aimed at both commercial and domestic markets.

Allergistics launched as a franchise in 2005 following three years of development. We currently have seven franchisees and fully expect to achieve nationwide coverage by 2008 and Allergistics to be a household name.

The size of your business is determined by the size of your vision. The modest initial investment of £15,000 is a deliberate effort not to exclude those who possess all the attributes but not large funds. This business can be grown as an owner/operator or fully managed business and a discount scheme is already in place for multi-territory owners.

We choose our partners very carefully. You must be caring, enjoy meeting people and be prepared to work hard at building your business. The business model is based on extensive research and we are very proud have a PR Consultant and a Chief Medical Officer, with more than 30 years of nursing experience, supporting franchisees.

Providing a much-needed service

Terry and Louise Mulvey launched their Essex-based Allergistics franchise in September 2005 having had first-hand experience of the affects of allergens.

'This is a genuine opportunity for anyone prepared to work hard to build a successful and ethical business. It provides a much-needed and innovative service to the vast market of allergy sufferers and Allergistics has a very innovative and fresh approach. The customers we've helped are genuinely thankful, which is really motivating, and we believe that there is huge potential for this business.'

We have a genuine desire to help others. If you would like to own a business that's good for you and others too, register today.

Reasons to join Allergistics

  • Comprehensive training designed by The Wow Factor
  • Support & training from our Chief Medical Officer
  • Special mentor support for your first 3 months
  • Marketing support from our PR Consultant
  • Large, fully protected, licensed territory
  • No equipment rental fees
  • Medical Accreditation