Hang up that old phone system

Zafar Majid, of alphaTALK, explains how changes in technology and decreasing costs in the hardware means there has never been a better time to update your company’s telephone equipment.

For many years, telephone systems have been perceived as being an expensive piece of kit – known as a PBX (Private Branch eXchange) box – stuck to the wall in the office corner. Many business owners rarely change their telephone system unless the previous one is beyond repair, or is just no longer suitable. Technology has come along to such an extent that the costs have significantly come down, thus making it much more affordable for even small business owners to have a state of the art telephone system.

How is this achievable? It is called the SIP Hosted Seats service and alphaTALK is well positioned to help the franchise industry in this very important area. This service allows you to have a full-featured telephone system without the associated investment (and technical headache!) of having a telephone system in your own office. Yes, that’s right, no ugly box on the wall. Your actual handset will be configured to connect to our technology on the network, through a simple ADSL internet connection. That is why it is called a ‘Hosted Seat’ as you do not host the equipment at your premises.

The advantages of this solution are many – you don’t need to invest thousands of pounds in a complicated PBX of your own, and you don’t need the inherent technical knowledge to look after it. In addition to this, because our Hosted Seats service uses VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) technology to transmit your calls, the call costs are much lower than if you had a traditional telephone system connecting to a BT landline. In addition to the above, the state-of-the-art functionality that is readily available is an added bonus. Features such as call forwarding, call recording, call queuing, hunt groups, voicemail, IVR and music on hold are standard. We set it up for you, we manage it for you, it lives on our system and you don’t need to worry about it.

One common concern with VOIP is that call quality will be reduced. This is a somewhat outdated view. Modern VOIP telephone services are capable of delivering calls reliably and with very high quality audio – often better than that of a traditional telephone line. When you first use our SIP Hosted Seats service, the lack of ‘hiss’ and ‘buzz’ is striking. If we were not confident of the quality we would not have got rid of our own ISDN 30 lines and be using this system. We believe in the maxim: ‘If you like it, use it, and then sell it’. We can guarantee that it is reliable and secure.

Because we provide all of the connection equipment – line, broadband, router and the telephone handsets themselves – we can then employ a Quality-of-Service profile, which protects your call quality end-to-end. The service is truly scalable – if you have five employees today, we can cater for that, and if you need to add another 45 another day, we can simply configure another 45 extensions for you and provide another 45 pre-configured handsets for you to plug in! It really is as simple as ‘plug and play’.

Why go through the expense and hassle of setting up a telephone system in your office? Call alphaTALK and order a SIP Hosted Seats solution, and we will do the work for you, and save you some money too!