Auditel's May 2012 intakes

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Why did you join Auditel?

Auditel HQ, Winchester
May 2012

Rob Andrew
Ex-Business Development in IT and Telecoms:

OK, well I spent a career of 30 years in telecoms and had the opportunity to come into a second career and I looked around in other business opportunities and homed in on cost management and thought that’s a simple concept, easy to deliver, and it’s a service based industry so there is no capital outlay. And having looked at all the competition, in the same area, I chose Auditel because they have, to my mind, they tick all the boxes with everything you need to support me in my business going out selling to clients.

Geoff Dale
Ex-Business Dev Manager Point of Sale Software Supplier:

I joined Auditel as I was really keen on taking control of my future direction and career. I felt that it presented me a good mix of opportunities based on the skill sets and experience that I developed over the years and I also felt, probably just as important to me, that the people within Auditel shared the values and aspirations that I feel is important. That was something that was really quite critical in the decision making process.

Ian Hopping
Ex-Marketing Director and Self-Employment:

I’ve run my own business before, I was looking for a new opportunity but wasn’t exactly sure which area I wanted to go, so I looked at a couple of franchises and Auditel was the one that kept coming back to me. It just felt like a really good fit for me. I suppose every time I met them I have been impressed by their professionalism and their thoroughness basically, that’s ultimately what got me to sign.

May 2012 intake
Auditel HQ, Winchester