William Ball has been an Auditel cost management consultant since 1997 and has recently renewed his Franchise Agreement for another five years.

William says, 'I decided to renew my agreement with Auditel two years early and I'm not just happy but delighted with this decision. Auditel is a fabulous organisation to be associated with and I'm as enthusiastic about the opportunity now as I was when I started.'

When William discovered Auditel 8 years ago he had a very simple goal. 'I didn't start with huge aspirations. I just wanted to replace my salary and then a bit and I achieved that target in just over 18 months.' He also wanted to be sure that he could rely on Auditel for support. 'When I met the Auditel staff, it was clear that this was a business run by honourable people and that the support would be there when I needed it. There are people you can call upon both in the network and at Head Office for help and advice. As a result, I came away believing that Auditel had confidence in me as a person and wanted my success as much as I did.'

So what's William's advice for people considering an Auditel franchise? 'Be assured that the Auditel Business System works and that the proposition is sound. I was convinced of this 8 years ago and, just as importantly, was confident that the Auditel opportunity was right for me and my aspirations for the future. Having 8 years experience as an Auditel consultant under my belt, the Auditel proposition is as good now as it was when I first started.'