Discover Auditel

The UK's premier home-based cost and purchase management franchise

Business opportunities can be a bit of a jungle. Some offers sound just too good to be true. But how do you sort the snakes from the ladders?

Free Discovery Seminars
At Auditel, we hold regular free Discovery Seminars which let you explore how we work, what it's like to be part of our network and demonstrate the many benefits of becoming an Auditel cost and purchase management consultant.

Meet the team
At the Discovery Seminar you will have the chance to meet our experienced and friendly Franchise Support Team, ask as many questions as you like and discover for yourself that the Auditel business opportunity really is as good as it sounds.

There is no hard sell, no obligation and absolutely nothing to pay.

"I chose Auditel because it matched my requirements for a white collar franchise and I felt extremely comfortable with its culture. I am confident that with Auditel behind me I will be able to benefit from the brand and support normally available from much larger organisations."
Denis Sprague, joined Auditel in March, 2010

Discovery Seminar dates:

1.15pm Monday 27th

7.00pm Tuesday 5th*
7.00pm Wednesday 6th+
9.45am Friday 8th
1.15pm Monday 11th
9.45am Friday 15th
1.15pm Thursday 21st
9.45am Tuesday 26th

1.15pm Wednesday 3rd
9.45am Friday 12th
1.15pm Tuesday 16th
1.15pm Monday 22nd

All Discovery Seminars to be held at our Headquarters in Winchester except * Birmingham † London, West End