A DAY IN THE LIFE - Auntie Anne’s Javid Akhtar

Javid Akhtar’s Auntie Anne’s business is flourishing in the East London district of Ilford. Here he gives readers of The Franchise Magazine exclusive insight into his typical working day.

6:30 I wake up everyday at this time in order to prepare for the day ahead. I have time for a quick breakfast before heading into the store to get things ready for opening.

7:30 As soon as I arrive at the store I put the dough on so we have something to sell to early bird customers. I also take the time to go through everything from the night before and make sure it is all in order and ready to go. “It must be said that one of the biggest challenges is getting the staffing mix right. With a business like this, it is important that everyone gets on and is enjoying their work and this is what I try to create as a working environment here.

8:30 Once I have set the wheels in motion, other staff members begin to arrive so I catch up with them before taking a break and letting them get to work ready for customers. I will be working on the shop floor or behind the scenes most of the morning so it is important that I assess the store and make sure it is all ready to go.

12:00 In my role I am often too busy for lunch but I try to squeeze in 10-15 minutes or so wherever I can. Of course I will take longer if workload allows but it’s really about judging it on a day-to-day basis. The freedom that this franchise gives me is undoubtedly my favourite part of the company. I like being able to spend as much or as little time as I need to in-store.

14:00 After lunch the first task is to replenish our stockroom. We need to make sure we are well stocked for the afternoon.

16:00 The rest of my afternoon is spent helping out on the shop floor, doing paperwork if I have the time and generally overseeing the business, ensuring it is ticking over nicely. My management style is to allow the staff to fulfil their roles that they were hired to do so I try not to micromanage too much.

19:00 It is usually around seven when the store is all cleaned down and I can close up for the night, but there is always paperwork to be done and I often find myself doing this in the evenings. With a food and beverage business such as Auntie Anne’s it is important to get all the legislation right.

I would thoroughly recommend this business to the right entrepreneurs. It does require hard work, particularly in the early days, however if you are willing to come in, follow the franchise model and work hard at it, you will see the rewards.