“What are you looking for when investing in a franchise?”

  1. A business that you can enjoy?
  2. A business where the product is unique?
  3. A business that is part of a fast growing franchise network?
  4. A profitable, proven business model?

If the answer is yes to these questions then we would be delighted to discuss our franchise with you

Auntie Anne’s is a franchised pretzel bakery successfully being operated through over 1,000 stores owned and operated by franchise owners in the USA, Canada, Middle East, Far East and now in the UK.

  • Auntie Anne’s sells freshly baked sweet and savoury soft pretzels and other dough based products such as the new pretzel pasty and pretzel pizza with delicious toppings.
  • These, together with freshly made lemonade, bottled drinks and quality coffee, make Auntie Anne’s a unique product for millions of customers looking for a delicious snack, whether out shopping or simply out for lunch.

The Auntie Anne’s business is not for the faint hearted as it requires a commitment to superb customer service, fortitude and ambition 7 days a week from every franchisee however for those franchise owners who have drive, we can help you develop a valuable, profitable business for you and your family.

If you have tried our Pretzels before you will know how good they are however if not, we would be delighted to meet you at one of our stores so you can taste America’s best kept secret – the freshly baked, hand rolled, hot, soft pretzel.