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Running a business can be costly. You’ve got staff to pay and office space to rent and have you ever looked closely at your other expenses? Your energy bills, your telecoms, your insurance and other areas of risks such as protecting your imports and exports from the impact of foreign exchange rates.

Business Cost Reduction Associates was set up in 2005 to help companies like yours reduce their running costs and increase their profitability. Our experts will identify savings and manage the supply chain for your key business services from new contacts through to renewals. We can even provide you with a green alternative for your utilities and finance. Whatever you do it means you get the best prices available on the market and never get tied up in expensive roll over renewal contracts.

To find out more here’s Chris Battin from BCR Associates.

Chris Battin (Director/Founder, BCR Associates): Why should companies use us? We save them money. Since 2005 we have worked with thousands of companies and realised millions of pounds worth of savings, last year alone we reviewed 600 clients and realised in excess of 2.5 million, good news all round in these times. Typically savings are around 27 per cent with 9 out of 10 companies making savings. Review processes is desperately simple we review for tariff, we’ll give direction going forward, realise savings and implement changes. What have you got to lose?

Today we are co-hosting a cost and risk reduction seminar with Lloyds TSB commercial and Xerox at the innovation centre here at Exeter University. Business owners like you will be finding out how we can save them money.

Alex Mackie (Relationship Manager, Lloyds TSB Commercial): Businesses are under so much pressure to save money and keep their profits up to survive the current climate and by being able to save money on the utilities and those kinds of elements of their business it allows them to not need to increase sales and actually just add figures onto the bottom line from the outset.

Geoff Bowen (Devon Environmental Business Initiative (DEBI) Owner Pebblebed Vineyards): I’ve been invited along to tell people about DEBI - Devon Environmental Business Initiative. This is a business support group and she has been running now for 20 years and really works with businesses to highlight areas of their environmental practice, which they’ve gone the extra mile for and really sharing that experience with other businesses that’s what really we are about.

Pat Johnson (Office and Production Solutions Group Marketing, Xerox): We’re here today supporting BCR and Lloyds Bank our customers in the innovation centre here. We’re providing a little demonstration on our multi-function devise, which is the colour cube, which provides an environmental message using solid ink technology this allows them to save 90 per cent of waste by better use of the consumables in this device.

Debbie Franklin (Partner, Peplows Chartered Accountants): What I found most interesting is the HR section in that Human Resources at the moment is such a well regulated environment just knowing the potential pitfalls and knowing that there is somebody out there to help you and guide you along the way.

Nigel Hardy (Baker Tilley – Audit and Assurance, Pensions): I believe people do business with people and therefore any event where you can get business guys together to actually focus on relevant issues is very important. Twofold, partly because of the content of what is being discussed but also in the networking afterwards, so actually I will often come to an event just for the networking side.