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A Belvoir Franchise can be the perfect solution to life on Civvy Street

Even the toughest of individuals can find the prospect of ending a military career a somewhat daunting experience. However, many ex-forces personnel have discovered that running their own Belvoir lettings agency has provided a perfect solution.

Mike Goddard, CEO of Belvoir, served 17 years in the Royal Air Force, culminating in being Wing Commander in a fast jet station. In 1994 Mike launched what is now one of the UK's largest independent specialist residential lettings agencies. Mike is also Chairman of the British Franchise Association (bfa) and says:

"We currently have over 140 Belvoir offices and some of our most successful and longest serving Franchise Owners are from the military.

"I think ex-Services personnel already understand how the use of a system can achieve results. At Belvoir we have a proven system, and if Franchise Owners stick to it they can see excellent results."

"I encourage anyone with a military background considering a career in property management to contact Belvoir. Prior knowledge is not required as training and support are provided." Former Wing Commander Mike Goddard, CEO.

Case study

Franchise Owner: Jim Mitchell
Office: Belvoir Loughborough
Launched: 1998

Jim Mitchell served 25 years in the Royal Signals and says:

"I wanted a career where I could adapt my skills and make a decent living. Belvoir stood out because it offered a good service backed up by sound systems.

"My business is thriving and I enjoy the lifestyle. Even during the recession my turnover increased, as it has every year. Joining Belvoir is the best professional decision I've ever made."

Case study

Franchise Owner: Gary Legge
Office: Belvoir Bourne
Launched: 2003

Gary Legge served ten years in the Army and a further 14 as an RAF Officer. He says:

"I wanted the business lifeline that franchising offers. I first met Mike Goddard in the RAF and trusted his integrity and the business model.

"Since launching our growth has been constant. The transferable skills that I brought to the business, good staff, training, a focused business model and excellent support made Belvoir an ideal next-step."

Case study

Owner: Paul Collins
Office: Belvoir Lincoln

Paul Collins served 22 years in the military and attained the rank of WO2. Paul has won many Belvoir awards and in 2009 won a Belvoir Lifetime Contribution Award.

"Franchising gives you a sound foundation to use the core skills that you gained in the military and use these skill to succeed in business," says Paul. "There is so much knowledge available via the Belvoir Central Networking Group, which is what can make franchising such a win-win situation."

Case study

Owner: Michael BetteridgeMBE
Office: Belvoir Poole & Westbourne
Launched: 2008

Michael Betteridge, MBE, served 24 years in the Royal Marines, attaining the rank of WO1. "I did extensive research and Belvoir consistently came top," says Michael.

"The support and training are excellent. Belvoir is an excellent stepping-stone to life on 'Civvy Street.' Many ex-military find it difficult to adapt to leaving the military, but I've never felt that as Belvoir offers structure and guidance."