The Choice is Yours

60+ years ago, BoConcept began by giving its customers interior design choices through consistently stunning and practical furniture. Today flourishing franchisees across the globe are following suit. Gareth Samuel looks at what’s on offer.

Undoubtedly the place to start when trying to refine the ‘secret formula’ of such a globally successful brand, is with a brief look back through BoConcept’s lengthy history. In 1952, two Danish craftsmen, Jens Ærthøj Jensen and Tage Mølholm, sought to create furniture that would not only look fantastic, but would be utterly functional too. Their initial vision caught the imagination of a nation and BoConcept quickly became Denmark’s most successful furniture chain. Now the business has grown exponentially from its Scandinavian roots, with more than 250 stores turning a profit in more than 60 countries. Incidentally, the ethos of lasting, stylish, great value furniture is still the lifeblood of the business today.

Interestingly, BoConcept still designs and manufactures its furniture in Denmark. The design team consists of a productive mix of cultures, which has enabled the brand to remain fashionable and practical.
The BoConcept franchise opportunity is one of pure fascination and visual appeal. Clean, sleek designs are prevalent throughout the branding, from the store layout to the business cards. Currently the brand operates on two major retail formats in the UK. BoConcept Brand stores are situated at high traffic locations around the world – such as the stunning Paris location – and are, inadvertently, large understated indicators of market strength. The second division of the business comes in the form of BoConcept Inspiration Stores, which are more compact, centrally located branches, of which there are many across Britain.

Each of the aforementioned retail arms plays its part in enabling the business to expand so quickly and securely – there are very few towns and cities that are off limits because of the sheer adaptability of the offering. “Passion and persistence are what move the people behind the BoConcept brand,” says a spokesperson for the brand. “Whether they are designing a wall unit, leading a team, or managing a store, our common mission is to make modern design furniture available to the urban-minded customer.” The driving force behind BoConcept’s success has been the prolonged quality of its products and its customer-focus. Each client that walks through the door of a BoConcept store begins with a blank canvas. The brand prides itself on taking a holistic approach to manufacturing a customer’s perfect home without template or biased coercion.

“Our homes are full of great stories. About ourselves,” they continue. “What we love and what we like to do. We surround ourselves with what we like. What is important to us and what makes it easier to live the life we want. So when we come home, we feel at home.”

Expanding with Style
What connects each BoConcept franchise owner is a common interest in attractive designing and sublime finishings. The franchise owners of Medellin, Colombia may never meet the owner of BoConcept Redbrick Leeds, but they share an affinity for attention to detail and design that enables them the potential to be equally successful in their respective territories.

The self-employment aspect of a BoConcept offering is also somewhat unique. Unlike most franchise opportunities, creativity and flare are specifically rewarded because of the bespoke nature of the offering. The business has proven its sustainability and appeal with urban-minded customers around the world and franchise owners globally are benefitting in abundance from an impressive track record. Today you will find more than 250 sales units in high traffic locations. All of the stores are part of a committed and enthusiastic team that makes the unique retail concept the success it has become. The aim is not only to find investors but to find result-oriented business partners who are as dedicated to BoConcept as the team behind the worldwide expansion.

Choosing BoConcept
After more than 60 years of development the BoConcept model has become so comprehensive, whether or not to invest with the brand is now an easy decision to make. Franchise owners worldwide are, as you read, benefitting from a proven and successful franchise, which has generated growth for many years. A local supporting marketing campaign will get your business off to a flying start, and the brand have structured national advertising in place to ensure brand recognition and appeal is maximised. The BoConcept team have refined their marketing practices to a fine art after many years of doing so and even the most ardent socialist would struggle to deny the simplistic beauty of the brand’s marketing content.

New franchise owners are also helped enormously by store design assistance and a coordinated launch programme.

What consumers react to most obviously is the BoConcept product offering. As a franchise owner, you can rely on a product collection that is customised, and coordinated design aimed at the specific target market. The brand takes full responsibility for product quality control and ensuring the product range is in-fitting with the business’ ethos.

In addition, the BoConcept website has become an impressive sales and marketing tool for the business. Each franchise receives a full write-up on the site as well as a specific store locator. All staff are trained comprehensively by the BoConcept University department, which is an educational platform for employees of all levels. The brand’s dedication to looking forward has enabled it to establish new ways for the business to attain and retain customers. Online design applications and social media marketing departments are continuing to ensure that the business is set to be successful for many years to come.

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Your Role
Having overseen the launch and development of hundreds of franchises across the world, the business knows exactly what role a franchisee must take on in order to be successful. A BoConcept Inspiration Store requires between £100,000 and £500,000 start-up capital.

Franchisees must have natural ambition to open up more stores within a local area – the business encourages entrepreneurialism. The brand has grown on the back of a philosophy of employee development and promotion. BoConcept, through its exceptional training, offers staff a career rather than just a ‘job’.

BoConcept insist the role of their franchise owners is first and foremost to be a role model to employees and to be the face of the brand and values in the local community – full of drive and passion towards the brand and the store. Franchise owners are expected to conduct a visible management style and be the driving force behind the store’s success. To ensure a profitable and ‘BoConceptual’ – a term somewhat unsurprisingly popularised by the superb in-house marketing team – store, sales and costs must be kept at an optimal level by following the BoConcept best practice of running a store.

The key message with BoConcept is that it is a brand that has seen every issue develop within one of its franchises before, after more than 60 years of corporate growth. The marketing assistance, excellent product innovation and everything else, therefore, are really just very helpful bonuses – what you are really getting as a BoConcept investor, is the chance to be part of a business that you can guarantee will have the answer to every question you could ask, ensuring the best possible chance of success.