The first BoConcept brand store was opened in Paris, France, in 1993, and 20 years later, there are more than 250 units around the world, specialising in furniture and accessories, delivering a shopping experience that prides itself on a unique, exceptional and friendly customer service and consultancy expertise. With 22 years’ experience in the trade, BoConcept is an established and proven franchise model.

The franchise package: A brand that believes in choice over fixed solutions, BoConcept offers franchise owners entry to a certified concept with worldwide appeal, and outstanding sustainability credentials, understanding that a positive image is crucial.

The company seeks enthusiastic, driven investors who know how to deliver results in business, and with the reputation of the brand for sophistication that already exists, just by purchasing the franchise, they will have taken a large first step.

A passion for design, style and trends is more important than industry experience, but over the years, BoConcept has developed a model that works. Franchise owners that follow the concept will have the best chance of positive results, but with the freedom to bring in their own ideas.

Support: BoConcept is not a franchise that is happy to take your money and wish you good luck; the ongoing support is outstanding, and there is always somebody to turn to for advice on how to make the venture even more successful.

Store opening department: The Store Opening Department supports the franchise owners in a wide range of aspects when opening their BoConcept Store: from store layout to recommending a warehouse set up, store routines and more.

RAMs: Retail Account Managers (RAMs) are responsible for the overall performance of up to 25 BoConcept stores each. With an in-depth understanding of the business, they will handle the overall business conversations with the store and will request assistance from the specialists on more detailed work within a certain topic such as the IT system Axapta, Visual Merchandising or staff training. They will also visit stores approximately four times per year to offer guidance.

Powerful IT system: Franchise owners benefit from BoConcept’s powerful Axapta IT-system, which supports the processes in the BoConcept stores, and makes administration, reporting and performance evaluation easier to access and work with.

Business intelligence: In addition, the business intelligence system Targit is provided to enable the use of sales statistics and more from the Axapta database, as well as streamlining supply chain management and benchmarking to improve performance and profit margins.

Training: BoConcept employees are highly educated to the set BCU standards, and receive training tailored to market conditions to implement best practice and maximise sales via the BoConcept university.

Visual merchandising: BoConcept’s Visual Merchandisers assist with every styling need for the stores. The department develops styling guidelines and keeps the stores informed of hot inspiration, tips and tricks through the BoConcept Intranet. The VM team also visits stores worldwide to conduct styling of new stores and help with updates to existing stores.

Customer service support: The Customer service is the daily contact in case of general order related inquiries,claims etc. Marketing support: All communication is rooted in BoConcept’s brand values. The experienced marketing department at headquarters or in the markets support and advise franchise owners in all communication aspects, and provide them with all necessary materials efficiently generate in-store traffic.

“BoConcept has an incredibly efficient system, a quality product, with many unique characteristics; no other furniture retailers can offer such exceptionally high levels of customisation possible with the furniture.

The system is so well documented and the trainers from Denmark explain it all. It is easy to understand and follow. The training covers sales, product knowledge, systems, staff management, space management and interior design.

Training is geared to fit what each franchise owner and store team need. It is an incredibly simple franchise to run: hard work, but simple.

BoConcept works with a principle called ‘freedom with responsibility’. They do not force any system or method on franchise owners. They recommend how we do things, but we have the freedom to adapt to local needs. I have learned quickly, their way works, why take a franchise and then try and reinvent the wheel?

The support is exceptional. I personally have found the space management and interior design support the most valuable. I can call on a UK Stylist, a UK Marketing Coordinator and the UK Country Manager for assistance.

If the sales team is trained, motivated and up for the challenge, then the product and brand will do the rest.”

Adam Davidson, BoConcept franchise owner, Glasgow