Help businesses to succeed with Business Doctors

Business Doctors has launched its franchise into Scotland via its Master Franchise Owner Gordon Barraclough, while continuing to expand in England by recruiting new franchise owners including Martin Vessey

In November 2009 Business Doctors launched its Master Franchise for Scotland. Gordon Barraclough has invested in the rights for Business Doctors and is planning to launch six franchises across Scotland. "I decided to buy the multi-territory franchise because I enjoy team building and felt that owning one territory would limit the team building I could do," he explains. "For me, having six franchise owners who I can support and advise would be of more interest to me."

For Gordon owning a business that assists small and medium sized companies that are seeking the next level of growth is an extension of what he was doing before. "I have been involved for 10 years in helping businesses that were in financial difficulties," he explains. "The nature of the role involved working with only one business at a time. I wanted to be involved in helping several and came across Business Doctors, which I thought would enable me to do just that.

"I chose Business Doctors as I felt I could connect with the people there. Also I knew I could have an input into the shaping of the business and help it move forward. I liked the brand and it ticked all the right boxes for what I was looking for."

As part of Business Doctors' franchise package Gordon received full training prior to launching his business. He comments: "I had two intensive blocks of training. All the key services were covered and the training was relevant, uncomplicated and well explained. As well as the training the level of support I have received has been phenomenal and it is obvious the head office staff are passionate about Business Doctors."

In his first year Gordon is aiming to achieve a turnover of £70,000. "I want to concentrate on establishing my franchise and develop my own experience of delivering the Business Doctors services," he reveals. "Eventually I want to build the Business Doctors brand in Scotland and recruit a team of successful franchise owners. I am also looking to get a good return on my investment."

Although Gordon has already thought about his future plans for his business, at the moment he is concentrating on building a Business Doctors profile in his area. "I am enjoying developing relationships with potential clients," he explains. "I like the excitement of bringing something new to the Scottish market. In the future I want to find similar minded people to cover all six territories. I will ensure they are ownerd by the right people so that each territory is successful in its own right."

Interview by Derin Ibrahim

For Martin Vessey helping small and medium sized businesses to succeed is one of the aspects of running his Business Doctors franchise he enjoys the most. "I like working with small business owners - advising them and being part of making changes," he says. "I also like the diversity of the businesses I work with. For example one day I could be working with a retail business and the next a beauty salon."

Martin launched his Thames Valley-based business in May 2009 and is on target to reach his turnover of just under £60,000, however he is keen to expand the business services he offers. "My plan for the future is to look at third party areas of business, such as how to design and maintain a website."

Before joining Business Doctors Martin worked in computing as a manager in sales and marketing. "I had run my own business in the past and I wanted to do this again," he remembers. "I decided to look into franchising as I didn't want to reinvent the wheel and wanted to gain information that was available through an already operating business.

"Business Doctors appealed to me because it was in one of the areas I was looking at. The directors of the company came across as personable - I felt they would give me good support and I trusted them."

Martin was fully prepared for the running of his business having received thorough training from Business Doctors head office. "It went through the process of setting up the business and looked at many aspects of the day to day running of my franchise such as sales and marketing," he reports. "The training was tailored to my needs and set me up for the launch of my business."

Since he started trading Martin has worked to build a reputation for providing a quality service that helps small and medium businesses to succeed. "In order to build my business I am working with local associations and have been networking within my local business community, which I have found very enjoyable," he reveals. "My long term objective is to be well known in my area as the person to go to help a small business to succeed."

Interview by Derin Ibrahim

The Business Doctors Service

Business Doctors assist small businesses in achieving growth. The range of services incude:

  • Strategy: Full facilitation support
  • Focus: Sales and profit growth
  • People: Engagement, organisation and performance
  • Implementation & interim support: Management, sales, operations, HR and finance
  • Recruitment Advice: Including psychomatic assessment
  • Training & Development
  • Access to Funding: including financial support

Initial Investment Requirement

From £35,000. Franchise package includes:

  • Comprehensive induction training
  • Detailed programme and operations manuals
  • Hands-on business and marketing support
  • Online suite of business tools available 24/7
  • Complete exhibition kit
  • Marketing materials
  • Laptop and key applications
  • Corporate dress
  • Website presence
  • Membership packages for local business networks and chambers of commerce