Create an environment of strong business relationships

An exciting new opportunity proven in the Netherlands, BUSIOP is offering small business owners access to a range of specialist services all under one roof. UK Regional Franchises are available for business people who want to bring a unique concept into the UK

Offering a full-service office for business-to-business services, the BUSIOP concept was conceived by Dutchman Gerard van den Heuvel and has been established in seven towns and cities across the Netherlands. BUSIOP'offices house a range of in-house specialists offering a range of vital professional services to small and medium-sized enterprises.

The company is seizing on a growing interest in business start-ups in the UK'to translate its successful business concept into the British market by recruiting a network of Regional Franchisees to set up sub-franchised networks of offices in major metropolitan areas nationwide. 'In the first instance we are seeking people to act as franchisor in their own region, overseeing the opening of up to 50 sub-franchised BUSIOP'offices,' says Gerard. 'These will be people who realise that creating a chain of portals which enable business owners to access a range of professional services in one office location, will create a foundation for a substantial business.

'The portal concept sees the local franchisee as the Office Holder, responsible for setting up and managing a joint back office, recruiting and selecting self-employed specialists and coaching and guiding them. The affiliated self-employed specialists sub-let their workspaces within the BUSIOP office location and offer complimentary services covering a wide perspective of different professions, such as finance, legal, communication, consultancy, IT and real estate.'

BUSIOP head office is committing its years of experience and knowledge in professional business services to provide a 25-day training programme to Regional Franchisees. 'Despite my extensive management experience and training, I'found Busiop's training programme particularly valuable. I'now know how to implement the BUSIOP system in my local market,' says franchisee Jos van Haeren.

BUSIOP is recruiting entrepreneurs with qualified backgrounds in either management or sales & marketing, who recognise a unique opportunity to implement a proven successful franchise formula new to the UK market. Gerald comments: 'BUSIOP's unique approach means that through cooperation under our brand, self-employed specialists can more efficiently pool their resources and ensure that the non-core activities of their business are taken care of by the office support staff. This allows them to concentrate on their own specialist areas and also creates an environment of strong business relationships and recommendations.'

Reported by Stuart Anderson