The need to look and feel better is ever stronger

Offering a route into the world of French beauty treatments, Cannelle is looking to build on the success of its two established salons by recruiting a network of franchise owners nationwide

Looking good has become a national obsession with celebrity stylists such as Gok Wan, Trinny and Susannah heading an army of people encouraging us all to take better care of our appearance. We've responded in droves, with the European Health & Beauty Retailers 2008 report revealing that Britons spend more money on looking good than any other European country, with the average annual spend at £295.

Despite the tightening of belts in 2009, this sector is set to continue to grow according to Emily Lovell, Marketing Manager of salon beauty franchise Cannelle. 'When times are a little tougher the need to look and feel better is ever stronger,' she reflects. 'It's no surprise to us that in the current economic climate where many are struggling to maintain a healthy work/life balance that in fact Cannelle salons have seen a marked increase in the number of clients coming and the number of treatments requested. Far from seeing a drop in profitability, Cannelle has seen - and continues to see - a steady increase in client demand for looking and feeling better.'

With its first salon opened in Oxford in 1997, Cannelle has opened a second location in Berkshire offering an emphasis on the 'French experience' for its clients. 'When I opened my first Cannelle salon the world of beauty therapy focused mainly on waxing and manicures,' reveals Cannelle Founder France Baudet. 'Allowing time for massage or facial was a luxury people rarely contemplated. Out of the few salons that did exist in Oxford none offered the types of treatments, products or atmosphere - that certain je ne sais quoi - that I wanted to explore.

'High standards and excellence of service are qualities that our clients have come to expect and at Cannelle we are proud to have built a client base which stems primarily from word-of-mouth. 70 per cent of new clients come from recommendations which goes to show the power of a trusted brand, second-to-none service and exceptional French Beauty therapists. Beauty therapy is now an integral part of maintaining balance and wellbeing for thousands of busy, successful, driven women and men, and Cannelle offers the much needed relaxation, mind and body improvement to enable clients to cope and succeed in today's hectic, busy world.'

Cannelle has continued to add high quality treatments and products to its offering, such as its flagship hot wax with wax imported from France, IPL permanent hair reduction, skin rejuvenation, endermologie and microdermabrasion. All the while the company has maintained a clear focus on being an environmentally-friendly business with the salons looking at alternative energy sources and energy conservation in their day-to-day operations.

Cannelle has launched a national franchise development programme with the assistance of Franchise Development Services Southern to take its successful concept into new sites across the country, and is seeking determined, enthusiastic business builders to become franchise owners. 'The world of Cannelle offers franchisees the experience of running a busy, yet relaxed, highly professional salon,' says France, 'and it offers clients the unique experience of stepping into a world of top quality French beauty therapy guaranteed to achieve the best results possible.'

FDS Southern Franchise Consultants Gary Rigby and Gordon Patterson add: 'Cannelle has an attractive franchise offering that provides the franchisee with everything they need to ensure a good launch of the business. Cannelle management have taken meticulous care to structure their franchise offering in a totally professional manner.'

Reported by Stuart Anderson