Complete contentment with Car Medic

Arthur Sherlock’s passion for cars was the driving force behind his switch from a frustrating career in the plastics industry to the freedom of being his own boss as the successful owner of a Car Medic franchise. Gareth Samuel reports.

Arthur always knew he wanted to be his own boss, but the responsibility that comes with having a young family ensured he waited until his children had left home before making the leap into self-employment.

Once Arthur’s children were grown, he began researching the huge array of business opportunities open to him to find something that would give him ample returns that he would enjoy doing. He explains: “I wanted the support and security of an established brand, so franchising seemed the way to go. Previously, I’d worked in the plastics industry, but was fed up with the environment and wanted something to get me out and about meeting people. I’m really interested in cars, so accordingly I looked at various automotive franchises before ultimately choosing Car Medic.”

Car Medic, a mobile bodywork repair franchise, just met all of his demands for a business opportunity. Arthur adds: “I went down to the head office to take a closer look and found the set up very professional. Everything looked good and, basically, Car Medic felt right for me.”

Now, almost a decade later, Arthur has built an extremely successful business with a large and loyal client base and, what’s more, he still loves what he does. “At first, I was doing jobs for friends and neighbours,” he explains. “But before long, I started working for various trade customers, such as car dealerships, on a regular basis, so I had an on-going income stream.

Today, I still have customers from those early days, but I no longer have to advertise. Now half of my working days each week are already committed to trade jobs and I fit all my private work into the diary around that commitment. I get plenty of business coming in from my regular customers and new leads generated by Car Medic’s national website, as well as word-of-mouth recommendations.”

As with any franchise opportunity, Car Medic’s impressive return on investment goes hand-in-hand with the freedom it gives its franchise owners – which was one of the main appeals for Arthur.

Now a well-established Car Medic operative, Arthur is well-placed to help new Car Medic franchise owners get their businesses up and running. He adds: “I support new franchise owners in Scotland, on behalf of Car Medic. Even though the training is comprehensive, it’s not the same as being out in your territory actually doing the job. Rather like learner drivers who really learn to drive after they’ve passed, new franchisees learn a great deal after they’ve launched their business. I’ve been through that stage and can share my experiences. Car Medic themselves offer strong support – there’s a technical helpline available to all franchise owners as well as refresher training courses and the girls at head office are just brilliant – However, it always helps to have ‘an old hand’ to turn to for advice.”

Arthur now lives the lifestyle he dreamed of all those years ago in the plastics industry. “I don’t have to answer to anyone else, I take pride in the quality of my work and get great satisfaction from what I do,” concludes this truly content Car Medic franchise owner.