Discover one of the most exciting & profitable management franchises in the UK

Caremark is very much a management franchise, supporting the franchisee to grow a professional business delivering extremely high standards of care in the community.

Unlimited Potential and Excellent Future Growth. The social care sector, currently worth in excess of £20 billion, is predicted to continue to grow into the late 2020s, giving maximum growth opportunity.

Comprehensive Support. Provided by a team of dedicated support managers, plus additional specialist support in other areas of the business.

Very Significant Earnings. Proven potential to exceed £300,000 sales in first year of trading.

Growing National Network of Franchisees. To read stories of people achieving proven success turn to page 3.

Fulfilling a Social Need. Caremark offers an opportunity to run a successful operation while fulfilling a social need to a very high standard.

Guarantee of Excellence. All personnel are carefully selected, rigorously trained and given comprehensive and ongoing back-up and support.

Proven Top Level Experience. Caremark is supported by Kevin Lewis, previously the driving force behind one of the UK's most successful and respected domiciliary care businesses.

Caremark franchisees are achieving recognition at an unprecedented rate that no other care organisation can match in the UK. To find out this huge additional benefit enjoyed by Caremark franchisees (under a confidentiality agreement) call today to arrange a meeting.