Franchisees are lining up to discover our secret

Your route into the ever expanding care industry estimated to be worth up to £17billion begins with Caremark. Providing services to people in need of care within the community.

You to can tap into the multi-billion pound care market...

The Opportunity:
Caremark franchisees have the opportunity to become a major force within the care industry providing extremely high calibre care staff to local authorities, private clients and care homes. With unrivalled experience in this area we can give you access to all our knowledge and expertise, our tried and tested policies and procedures, and all the tools you need to build a successful and thriving business.

The rewards are personal as well as financial, providing a solution to a growing social issue. To take full advantage of this opportunity, we believe franchisees must be genuinely interested and concerned about the care currently being supplied in their community. Is there enough? Are the standards high enough? Can you do something to change that? With Caremark you can answer these questions effectively and make a real difference.

Your background:
You may think that you lack the experience to run this kind of business.We have found this is rarely the case. If you are able to manage people, time and money effectively and have a strong desire to run your own business you could be just the kind of person we are looking for. You don't need to have previous experience in the care industry as we will supply you with full training and continuous support.

Carpe Diem!
If you have considered running your own business but are still looking for the right opportunity then why not call Caremark? If you have the drive and determination to run your own business then we have an opportunity for you to develop a successful operation whilst fulfilling a social need to a very high standard. What more can you look for in any business?

Kevin Lewis, founder and managing director of Caremark has over 20 years experience in the care industry. He also has an impressive record in franchising; he has previously developed one of the most successful care franchises in the UK. With a strong head office team, Caremark is able to provide genuine support and advice to their franchisees, offering one of the best franchise packages available.