Caremark training points the way towards excellence

One of the keys to the success of being a Caremark franchise owner is the initial franchise training provided before the launch of their new domiciliary care business.

A significant element of developing a successful Caremark office is the training provided for new franchise owners.

Owing to the importance of having each franchise owner fully prepared before the launch of their new office, Caremark delivers a two-week intensive residential course at its Head Office in Worthing, West Sussex. This is the moment when all of the industry experience and proven business format, which has been developed over many years, can be shared with the new franchise owners.

Caremark’s Franchise Recruitment Manager, Pat Thompson, explains: “The idea is to take a new franchise owner, who can have a variety of skills from all backgrounds, and give them the confidence to hold that ‘corridor conversation’.

“That is to say, if a new franchise owner met an industry professional they would be confident to discuss the extensive quality services they can offer from their local office”.

Pat adds: “Caremark has to be able to take carefully selected franchise owners from a whole range of backgrounds and experience and educate them on how to run a home care business that not only provides an extensive range of services, but also to provide them to the highest standards.”

While the business itself is comparatively straightforward, the industry in which Caremark operates is extremely dynamic and regulated. The training that Caremark delivers enables a franchise owner to understand the framework which underpins the care industry.

Topics covered include the industry’s history, key roles within the business, financial planning and monitoring, marketing, business development and indeed everything one would expect from a mature and highly effective franchise operation.

One of the many strengths of Caremark’s comprehensive training is that it is modular. This allows franchise owners to undertake any refresher training if they ever feel they require it and this can be undertaken at any point throughout their partnership with Caremark.

The training programme has been developed and refined over many years and draws on the collective industry experience of the Caremark Support Team and the existing network.

Such knowledge, when passed on, can only ensure the very best start to their professional life as a Caremark franchise owner.

Franchise Owner Profile

Caremark is excited to welcome its latest group of franchise owners to its new Head Office in Worthing for the company’s comprehensive training course. Among the new franchise owners are Helan Graham and Stephanie Doherty – Caremark (Oldham).

Helan and Stephanie joined Caremark with a strong background based in social care, having worked together over a number of years within their nearby local authority.

“We had worked together for the past 10 years at Oldham local authority within the children’s, young people’s and families’ directorate,” explains Helan.

“Following redundancy, we are delighted to become the latest additions to the Caremark network. Having previously considered other franchisors within the domiciliary care sector, we came to the decision that Caremark was the one for us due to the quality and professionalism it showed at every level.

“Since signing our Franchise Agreement with Caremark, we have been fully supported by the team at head office in preparing for our roles and the launch of our new business. This has recently included attending an intensive two-week training course in Worthing, which has covered all aspects of the business.”

Stephanie adds: “Although the training was extremely hard work, we found the course very thorough and the whole process enjoyable and will certainly be invaluable to our future success. In addition, we have found the standard of training and training materials to be excellent.

“We are now looking forward, very positively, to working closely with our Regional Support Manager and the rest of the central Support Team to creating a successful and rewarding new business in our local area.”
Helan Graham and Stephanie Doherty Caremark (Oldham) (pictured right, top)

About Us

Caremark is a domiciliary care franchise, which offers care and support services to individuals within their own homes and their local communities. The services offered are not limited and can include anything that a family member might be able to provide, for example, personal care, companionship and domestic support.

Caremark franchise owners offer support services to a wide range of customers and organisations within their territory giving them the maximum opportunity to grow their business to its full potential, while maintaining the highest standards of care and professionalism.

Caremark is now in its sixth year of trading and is continuing to grow at an impressive rate in its demanding marketplace. Now with over 60 offices in the UK and Ireland, Caremark is establishing its reputation for excellence and quality, which continues to strengthen as the network grows. There are now over 2,000 people employed across the network, providing support services to over 2,500 customers – driven by the passion and determination of Kevin Lewis, founder and CEO of Caremark Ltd. Kevin’s experience in the industry started more than 20 years ago, when he launched what is now the UK’s biggest domiciliary care provider – an ambition he has the determination to exceed with Caremark. The most significant difference and the characteristic that gives the most competitive edge is Caremark’s responsiveness to change that has been built in to its culture right from its inception.

The knowledge and support provided by Caremark’s specialist and dedicated Support Team allows franchise owners to utilise their many skills to include business development, marketing, IT, finance and of course, care services. “The Support Team has been professional, supportive, passionate and dedicated about the brand and the business,” says Naz Asghar, Caremark (Cheshire North East). “We were convinced from the very first impression we got from Caremark that we would get the support we needed to operate the business successfully.”

High Standards of Care

It is no myth that there is a need for more high quality care providers. Caremark’s methodologies are tried and tested and the company takes measures to ensure that its network is delivering on its promises.

An Expansive Sector

The care sector is a large and exciting market in a climate where many other sectors are suffering from inescapable economic hardships.

At Caremark, we are looking to form a strong network by seeking partnerships with the highest calibre individuals and then providing them with a solid opportunity to underpin their success.

The Franchise Package

  • Exclusive territory rights
  • Ongoing comprehensive support plan
  • Two-weeks intensive residential training programme
  • Operational software packages
  • Territory launch programme
  • Fully documented operating system
  • Operations Manual
  • National website inclusion
  • Professional membership and registration fees
  • Stationery and promotional materials
  • Signage
  • Corporate uniforms

Initial investment required – £29,500 + VAT including licence fee