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Website launched at National Meeting

Caremark Ltd hosted a national meeting on the 1st October where it revealed a new website for its entire franchise network

The date was significant for the entire social care sector as it was the day when the Health & Social Care Act 2008 became law for all providers of Health and Social Care. This means everyone in the sector must comply with a new set of regulations and standards.

The Caremark network has been preparing for these industry changes over the previous year and came together on the 1st October to review where it is and what it has achieved. The meeting was held at Brandon Hall Hotel near Coventry and was hosted by the Caremark Ltd support team.

In the afternoon, a ‘new look’ for the network was discussed and the new website unveiled.

“The day was a huge success; it was great to bring together the whole network and share their experiences at such an important time within our industry,” said Louise Williams, Franchise Development Executive of Caremark Ltd. “It was brilliant to see how the entire network had embraced the changes and developed their business in line with this.”

Support Team Member Rosie Williams – PR & Marketing Executive

What made you join Caremark?
I joined the Caremark Support Team in August 2009 as PR and Marketing Executive. I have always had a passion for the care industry, having previously worked as a care and support worker in a couple of care homes. While studying at university, I chose to do a couple of projects developing a domiciliary care business and I just found it to be one of the most interesting business ventures you could embark on. Caremark stood out to me as a company that genuinely cared for its customers and looking at its growth rate since inception was not only impressive, but proved that it was doing something right!

What is your most recent significant project?
Just this month we launched a brand new national Caremark website, which has been my most significant project recently. This has been a huge project for us because it involved streamlining all of our local websites and building one national site. Since its launch at the start of October, the site has been a huge success. Our franchise owners are already receiving more enquiries and we have had some really positive feedback!

The focus of the website is to not only provide up-to-date, relevant information but to also operate an effective marketing and recruitment tool for our franchise owners.

Caremark: The mark of excellent care

Caremark is often described by well researched individuals as the leading franchisor in the care sector and was founded by industry expert Kevin Lewis, an inspirational and highly respected pioneer within the sector.

Caremark represents an opportunity to own and run a successful, profitable business with a significant turnover achievable and multi-site opportunities.

Franchise Opportunities with Caremark

Some of Caremark’s expansion has come through referrals from Bank Managers, Franchise Solicitors, industry insiders and successful franchise owners. This in itself speaks volumes for the on-the-ground success and rates of growth that Caremark franchise owners are achieving.

Caremark’s professional selection process ensures that the most able of individuals are appointed to territories where they will be able to maximise on the opportunity that Caremark offers. This white-collar franchise enables them to develop a business providing care and support in a social care industry worth in excess of £20 billion a year.

Unrivalled growth

The Caremark franchise opportunity is unrivalled within franchising in the care sector and Caremark franchise owners can indeed reinforce such claims. Caremark will, therefore, provide you with a full list of current franchise owners should your interest in the opportunity develop.

  • Since Caremark’s inception in 2005, the company has grown at a phenomenal rate which is now set to exceed a £20 million turnover in the UK alone by the end of the year. Caremark franchise owners' success is underpinned by the Caremark support team, who are all experienced industry professionals.
  • The population has been ageing and will continue to do so during the first half of this century.
  • There are now over one million people working in social care services.

The market is waiting, the potential is enormous and Caremark supports its franchise owners with more determination and rigour than any other care franchisor.