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Caremark - The mark of excellent care

Caremark is often described by well researched individuals as the leading franchisor in the care sector and was founded by industry expert Kevin Lewis (pictured right, top), an inspirational and highly respected pioneer within the sector.

Caremark represents an opportunity to own and run a successful, profitable business with a significant turnover achievable and multi-site opportunities.

Franchising Opportunities with Caremark

Some of Caremark’s expansion has come through referrals from Bank Managers, Franchise Solicitors, industry insiders and successful franchise owners. This in itself speaks volumes for the on-the-ground success and rates of growth that Caremark franchise owners are achieving.

Caremark’s professional selection process ensures that the most able of individuals are appointed to territories where they will be able to maximise on the opportunity that Caremark offers. This white-collar franchise enables them to develop a business providing care and support in a social care industry worth in excess of £20 billion a year.

Unrivalled growth

The Caremark franchise opportunity is unrivalled wthin franchising in the care sector and Caremark franchise owners can indeed reinforce such claims. Caremark will, therefore, provide you with a full list of current franchise owners should your interest in the opportunity develop.

  • Since Caremark’s inception in 2005, the company has grown at a phenomenal rate which is now set to exceed a £20 million turnover in the UK alone by the end of the year. Caremark franchise owners’ success is underpinned by the Caremark support team, who are all experienced industry professionals.
  • The population has been ageing and will continue to do so during the first half of this century.
  • There are now over one million people working in social care services.

The market is waiting, the potential is enormous and Caremark supports its franchise owners with more determination and rigour than any other care franchisor.

High Standards of Care

It is no myth that there is a need for more high quality care providers. Caremark’s methodologies are tried and tested and the company takes measures to ensure that its network is delivering on its promises.

An expansive sector

The care sector is a large and exciting market in a climate where many other sectors are suffering from inescapable economic hardships.

At Caremark, we are looking to form a strong network by seeking partnerships with the highest calibre individuals and then providing them with a solid opportunity to underpin their success.

Franchise Owner Focus

Working very closely with Caremark, John Loizou (pictured right, middle) of Caremark (Norwich) has put in place the foundations for a solid business which is set to keep growing.

Q. How have you found the support provided by the Caremark support team?
A. The support is great, everyone is helpful and knowledgeable and nothing is too much trouble.

Q. What would you say were the main components of your success?
A. Hard work, commitment, valuing your staff and providing a good service.

Q. What kind of person do you think it takes to operate a Caremark franchise?
A. It helps if you are polite and likeable. Perseverance, motivation, energy and determination are crucial attributes too. Having an understanding of human nature and showing sincere appreciation and encouragement to your team, without whom your success is not possible.

Q. Domiciliary care is often thought of as a very challenging sector to work in – to what extent do you agree with this and how have you coped with any challenges?
A. It is a very challenging sector to work in because, as an employer, you are entrusting people you employ to enter into vulnerable people’s homes to represent your company. They are acting as an ambassador for your brand and you are only as good as the people you send into people’s homes. Without an effective system, it is difficult to police as you can’t be at each and every care visit. We cope with these challenges very well by using the tried and tested Caremark systems.

The support team is continually working on our policies and procedures to keep us ahead of industry changes. These allow us to continue to deliver an excellent level of service to our customers and provide the best support to our staff. Every business, no matter what industry, faces the occasional challenge – in our business the Caremark support team has always been on hand to help.

Support Team Member

Lynda Goldsmith (pictured right, bottom) – National Training Manager

What made you join Caremark?
I wanted to continue working in a training/ management post and because of significant previous experience, I have a good understanding of the difficulties in maintaining the standards of training in domiciliary care settings.

How do you see what you do making a difference?
I have had a lot of involvement in vocational qualifications and writing material for these and have been noted for my work on the Ofsted good practice database. With this experience, I am able to continue the quality assurance and compliance standards that Caremark has implemented in its franchise model, ensuring that quality remains at the forefront of all service delivery in every Caremark franchise.

Do you enjoy the Caremark environment?
I enjoy the upbeat and positive atmosphere at the Caremark head office immensely. We all work closely together and liaise about our relevant roles so that franchise owners are signposted to the correct person for information, advice and guidance.

What is your most recent significant project?
I have been working on a new assessment, delivery and monitoring process for our customers and, most recently, a brand new care and support worker training process. These developments are in line with industry requirements but most importantly, allow our franchise owners to deliver an excellent quality service and give their customers and staff the highest level of support. Franchise owners have been very welcoming of these updates and feedback has suggested that they are already making a significant difference to the quality of service they can deliver.