Going places with a Cargocall franchise

Behind all the products the world has to offer there is a multi-billion dollar industry that ensures these goods are there when they're needed. International Freight Forwarding is that industry and the business world relies on it every day of the week and this is the world of Cargocall - the supply and management of international transport solutions to business

It sounds an expensive business to get into doesn't it? Remarkably it isn't, because Cargocall moves goods while never having to own a truck, warehouse, aircraft or ship (that would be expensive!) and never having to even handle the freight being moved. This is all made possible through the Cargocall system. Shipping goods around the world is also not as difficult as it sounds. It can all be done from a simple office environment with the right communications, systems, contacts and know-how and that's where Cargocall steps in and makes it happen.

Cargocall (UK) Limited was established as an international freight forwarding company back in 1997 with some simple aims: to provide a single point of contact for moving goods anywhere in the world and to simplify the process for its customers, all achieved through a brokerage business system.

Gary Clere, Cargocall's founder, had worked in the Freight Forwarding and Logistics industry for many years and realised it was a fragmented industry often offering levels of service that needed improvement. One-stop suppliers for shipping goods were, and still are, rare. Many companies claim to provide the customer with every transport solution in-house but the reality is very different. Gary's vision was to change that and make the shipping process simple and efficient with every solution genuinely provided by a single company: Cargocall.

Gary's concept allowed for low overheads, high quality personal service, and with the know-how in procuring freight space the model was set for a great business in an exciting and lucrative global market. Now, 10 years later with a proven track record, the company is franchising the business worldwide starting here in the UK. Cargocall's Freight Forwarding concept lends itself perfectly to franchising and has the added benefit of being a truly global business with every franchisee able to support others in the group.

Cargocall franchisees will enjoy the benefits of repeat business; existing customers ship goods daily, weekly, monthly and they trust Cargocall to do a great job every time so they remain loyal. Customers also know they can ship just about anything to anywhere using Cargocall so they don't have to spend hours looking for different companies to service their varying needs. All shipments are professionally managed from collection to delivery, all made simple and efficient using Cargocall's unique portable web-based operating system.

A Cargocall franchise is quick and easy to establish and would suit a two person partnership. Good sales and administration skills are essential along with the ability to build trust with customers. Cargocall's comprehensive back-up and support package provides every opportunity to build a profitable business while engaging with the wider world. What's more, with a Cargocall franchise you will be entering a whole new career and profession with open ended earning potential. You won't just be a glorified sales or delivery person - you will be a professional in your own right with a whole new set of business skills and knowledge which is valued the world over.

If you are professionally minded, can follow our proven business system and are looking for an office-based franchise with a difference, then a Cargocall franchise could be your ticket to a very profitable new world in international freight forwarding.