Make gold work for you

“Bringing credit to the community”

Since the financial crash of 2008, conventional wisdom concerning investment seems to have been stood on its head. With an uncertain economic outlook, the short-term loans sector is well placed to thrive.

Over 20 years of pawnbroking experience

In addition to our current opening program, we are offering selected franchise owners targeted outlets

Pawnbroking – lending cash secured against gold – meets a growing consumer demand and can deliver an excellent annual return on the gold-backed loan book. Cash 22 has developed a highly successful and modern business model. Its bright retail format and range of financial services attract customers and build loyalty. Yet it remains focused on pawnbroking to drive profits.

By avoiding items such as used electrical goods, we ensure that the quality of both your loan book and your clientele are kept at a higher level. The overall result is a great investment and an enjoyable life style. We have increased the number of company stores during 2010 and plan further openings in 2011. We are seeking franchise owners to accelerate our expansion programme.

The Cash 22 business is straight forward. You need to be personable with customers and methodical with paperwork. We will provide a turnkey store fitting plus full training on all services, including how to test gold.

Our franchise model is targeted at people who are looking to derive substantial and stable income from a medium to long term investment as an active or passive franchise owner.

You will build a loan book of £150,000+ that is secured against liquid assets – gold and high quality valuables. The minimum total investment is £375,000 with at least half of this coming from your own funds.