Redundancy changed the tracks of Geoff Hughes' career

When Geoff Hughes was made redundant he decided it was the perfect time to become his own boss by becoming a Cash Generator franchise owner.

In 2009 Geoff Hughes, from Kent, was made redundant from his career spanning nearly three decades in the rail industry. Unemployed but with a clear plan for his future ahead of him, Geoff decided it was time to set up his own business as a franchise owner.

Less than a year on, Geoff opened his first Cash Generator store in Gillingham, which got off to a great start, securing the highest first day sales of all new Cash Generator stores in 2009. Geoff started his career on the railways in 1983 as a guard, progressing to a train driver a few years later. For 26 years he enjoyed a solid career, however, when his career came under threat in 2008 he accepted redundancy.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Geoff decided to embark upon a new career - one where he would be his own boss.

Determined to set up his own business, but not wanting to take too big a risk on his own, Geoff was convinced that franchising was the ideal option. He attended many franchise exhibitions but kept returning to Cash Generator, a company he had been introduced to by his brother Michael, who was already a Cash Generator franchise owner.

Geoff says: "I had witnessed my brother's success and I liked the idea of working for myself. Attending several exhibitions enabled me to research all my franchise options. However, Cash Generator stood out as the perfect solution for my new career path.

"With background knowledge of the company combined with the level of support Cash Generator provide, including its extensive eight-week CIPD approved training course, I knew Cash Generator was the franchise for me.

Furthermore, it is a national, well-established brand which was of high importance." Attracted to Cash Generator's proven business model, Geoff was impressed with the company's multi-income streams and the ability to perform well in all economic climates.

With a team of five in place, Geoff ventured into an exciting retail career in December 2009. After a fantastic start, where he has beaten initial targets, Geoff continues to exceed performance goals month on month.

Geoff admits it has been a great learning curve since he opened the store, but one that is proving rewarding. Geoff continues: "Time management and keeping on top of the finances have been the most important skills to master. The training Cash Generator provided has proved invaluable and they continue to provide ongoing support, which is of great help.

"I am thoroughly enjoying being my own boss. It is satisfying to know that when I put in the long hours it is for my own benefit and that of my family, something I am proud to do."

Despite having no previous experience in retail, Geoff has gone from redundancy to establish himself as a successful retail entrepreneur with plans to open an additional three outlets in just five years.

Attributing his early success to sheer hard work, having the drive and determination to succeed and support from a strong team, Geoff concludes: "Redundancy provided me with a great opportunity to change my career path and start up a successful business of my own and offer employment for others - an achievement I am very proud of.

"I am confident about my business plans for the years ahead. Cash Generator has opened up so many doors for me and I am genuinely excited about the future and developing my business. Since taking redundancy I haven't looked back."

Reported by Rick Wheeldon