Giving people the confidence to get what they want out of life

Through state-of-the-art beauty therapy treatments, CoLaz enables its customers to achieve their aims of feeling sexy, smooth and confident.

In an age when the concepts of beauty and self-esteem are indisputable interwined, CoLaz is making looking and feeling good easier than ever with their bespoke treatments.

CoLaz continues to help thousands of customers believe in longer lasting hair removal treatments, for unprecedented results, to inspire people to believe in themselves.

Along with a full and detailed operations manual and comprehensive help and guidance throughout, each franchise package comes with:



  • Pre-generated leads via the business' state-of-the-art website
  • An intensive franchise owner training courses for employees
  • An incredible launch programme
  • With seven years of experince in the advanced beauty industry, the CoLaz head office is ready to provide unequaled continued support, to guide you all the way to your fortune.