Cookerburra Oven Cleaning Services

Would you like to provide a service needed by every household in the country? A service also relevant to any commercial kitchen? A service that relieves stress and leaves customers amazed and delighted? Yes? Sounds like you'd enjoy a Cookerburra franchise!

'With either Option 1 or Option 2, the potential to build a multi-van operation in your area is enormous,' explains Co-Founder David Dymond, who along with his wife Jenny (pictured together, left) manages the company-owned five-vehicle operation in Reading, producing a £1/4 million turnover. 'With our 12 years' experience, training, advice and guidance, and your enthusiasm and commitment you could be managing three or four vans within three years with Option 1. Alternatively, we'll help you fast track to managing two vans in four months with option 2.'

With one van, franchisees can comfortably cope with up to 20 bookings per week, however this will quickly snowball as repeat business, referrals, and contract work with businesses such as letting agents are added to the books. The Reading operation currently services a database of 8,500 customers.

'As your reputation grows, so does the business,' insists David. 'When you put your fourth van on the road the business becomes a true management franchise and you can step back to play a more active role in developing marketing strategies and monitoring your fleet. We'll even help you recruit and train operatives.'

Founded in 1993 by David Dymond and Mike Holloway, Cookerburra has grown into a nationwide franchise network of 25 franchisees, many of whom run the business with husbands, wives or partners. 'We're already half way towards our goal of 50 franchisees, with the majority managing multi-van operations,' concludes David. 'We're searching for more candidates eager to replicate this success elsewhere in the UK.'

Option 1 - Management Franchise - Guaranteed support
Our training programme will have you up and running fast. Our guaranteed support will keep you going. Ian and Sue Watt chose Option One. After just two years they have a multi-van franchise and they're still growing! Here is what they think of Cookerburra:

I am happy to say that Cookerburra has more than lived up to our expectations. We have never had any regrets about our decision to take the franchise. Mike and his team have been very easy to work with and are always there to help. We began with a pretty ambitious business plan and we are meeting it! We now have three vans and are building an expanding and profitable business thanks to support that has never been less that great.

Option 2 - Fast Track Management Franchise - Your business future secured The potential of Option 2 is enormous. Our target is that after just four months you will be beginning to operate two vans. By the end of your first year you will be training your third employee and will be operating in 'hands off' mode. Within 18 months you should have a rewarding four van operation firmly in place. By implementing our unique marketing strategies you can be sure of repeat business plus plenty of referred leads, right from day one.

Whichever option you begin with, this is a Unique opportunity with a difference

  • A service needed in every kitchen in the land - domestic or commercial
  • A very high rate of repeat sales
  • A fully tried, tested and proven business system
Very attractive profits Coupled with:
  • A comprehensive 3-week training programme
  • Regular business performance reviews to maximise your profits
  • Your own local internet marketing programme
Backed by:
  • Ongoing marketing support Constantly evolving strategies to keep you ahead of the competition
  • Continuous development of Cookerburra brand cleaning products
  • A powerful corporate identity