'Potential growth is unlimited'

Coming from an agricultural background (working on the family farm for 20 years) we decided it was time to take control of our own future and look at buying a franchise. Although we ultimately wanted to run a large business, we knew that we needed to find a management franchise opportunity with a low investment cost that could start small as a home based business yet had the potential to develop into a substantial multi-van operation. After much research, we decided to join Countrywide Lawn Doctor.

What we liked about Countrywide Lawn Doctor was that they had considerable experience in building up a franchise network and as it was an all year round service, the potential for growth was enormous. The potential growth within each territory is unlimited. This has enabled us to build a successful and profitable business that provides a good quality of life and financial security for our family's future.

We have really enjoyed the work so far. We love working outside and meeting different people - it is never boring! We have regular contact with the other franchisees in the network to compare notes, ideas and solve problems. This, along with the support of the Countrywide head office, gives us the advantages of a bigger organisation yet leaves us in control of the business as we build it up. It is something we would recommend to anyone!'