Already experienced in running his own business Anthony Williams decided to become a Countrywide Signs franchisee as it provided the brand recognition he wanted.

Having previously run his own business Anthony Williams was used to being self-employed, however when he decided to sell his business he wanted the support and brand recognition provided by a franchise. 'I owned my own sandwich business for seven years, but the market became saturated so I decided to sell my company,' Anthony reveals.

'The main problem I'd had with the business was that nobody knew who I was so I wanted a business where people knew the brand. Although I initially looked at coffee shop franchises I was opened minded and when I found Countrywide Signs it seemed perfect as it ticked all my requirement boxes...such as having low start up costs and potentially high profit margins.'

Countrywide Signs provides 'for sale' and 'sold' signs to estate agents across the country. The company uses state-of-the-art technology, such as Global Positioning Satellite (GPS), to enable franchisees to provide the best possible service for their clients. Anthony launched his Countrywide Signs Liverpool franchise in September 2006 after receiving office-based and practical training.
Since opening Anthony has not been disappointed with his business. He explains: 'There is nothing about the franchise that I dislike. I enjoy being outside and the estate agents are very easy to deal with and very professional, which makes my job easier and more enjoyable.'

Currently generating an annual turnover of £110,000, Anthony has found the franchise easy to run, supportive and very flexible as well as providing the high profit margin he was looking for. Although he has not been running his business for long he has already had the opportunity to expand. 'I've just taken on the St Helens area and I've also taken on a driver so I have two vans now,' he reveals. 'I would also like to expand further over the next few years.'

Clearly satisfied with his decision to sell his previous business and launch a Countrywide Signs franchise, Anthony advises those looking at the franchise: 'This is the perfect franchise for those who are hard working and looking for a business that is reliable and easy to run.'

Interview by Derin Ibrahim