How to become a Successful Franchisee - DVD

CRE:8 Multimedia in association with Franchise Development Services announce the availability of two new franchising DVDs. "How to become a Successful Franchisee"and "How to Successfully Franchise your Business."

These DVDs feature interviews with many industry experts including Brian Smart - British Franchise Association, Mark Scott - National Franchise Manager at Natwest, John Chambers of John Chambers & Co, Mike Barlow - Leathes Prior and many franchisors and franchisees...

Both DVDs provide over an hour of valuable advice and guidance.

'How to Become a Successful Franchisee' Just £39 + VAT and includes:



  • What is a Franchise?
  • Why become a Franchisee?
  • Franchise vs Business Start-up.
  • Advantages & Disadvantages.
  • Characteristics of Successful Franchisees.
  • Choosing the Right Franchise.
  • Researching the Franchise Market.
  • Evaluating the Opportunities.
  • Preparing to Meet the Franchisor.
  • Assessing Franchise Agreements.
  • Support Network.
  • The British Franchise Association.
  • Franchise Surveys.
  • Financing a Franchise.
  • Exit Strategies.
  • Useful Organisations, Publications and On-line Resources.

    'How to Successfully Franchise your Business' Just £79 + VAT and includes:

    • What is a Franchise? Definition, History & Examples
    • Why Franchise your Business?
    • Advantages & Disadvantages.
    • Is your Business Franchisable?

    • Franchise Classifications.
    • Choosing the Right Support Network.
    • Consultants, Solicitors & Banks.
    • The role of the British Franchise Association.
    • Preparing to Franchise your Business.
    • Building the Framework/Plan.
    • Brand, Protection & Building.
    • Developing the Opportunity.
    • Setting Territories.
    • Preparing the Franchise Agreements & Legal Considerations.
    • Promoting the Franchise.
    • Recruiting Franchisees and Ensuring their Success.

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