Cubic Telecom: 'No selling, just telling'

With six franchisees signed up before its official launch, Cubic Telecom is offering a new-technology opportunity in the vibrant telecoms sector

Having successfully established a low cost telephony website, telecoms entrepreneurs Pat Phelan and Tony Duncan have joined forces to develop a unique business opportunity under the Cubic Telecom umbrella.

Pat originally developed a website ( offering customers a range of unique access numbers, which if used before dialling any international number, provide massive savings to callers. The business has grown, mainly by word of mouth, into a substantial operation in just under one year. 'We then brought in Alan Keane to help us develop the business and Alan recommended franchising as the best way to grow the business in the UK and internationally,' says Pat. 'Even before the official launch on March 17th 2006, we already had six franchisees signed.

'This business does not require any of the often substantial additional costs associated with starting a business. There's no need for premises, stock, staff or any overheads other than an annual hosting charge. What you buy from us is your own unique access numbers, a choice of website templates and full technical backup with promotional advice and assistance. You come up with your own name to reflect your target market and then you simply promote these access numbers to as many people as you can.'

The beauty about this business is that everything is set up for you and what really fascinates franchisees is that they receive an automated email report from Cubic Telecom at 7am every morning with a complete breakdown of the top destinations based on minutes used by customers for the previous day. At the end of the report, it shows the profit made for that day and the cumulative for the month.

The franchisee simply invoices Cubic Telecom for the total shown on the report at the end of the month and is then paid automatically by day 15 following the date of invoice. The business can be run either part-time or full-time, and franchisees that show potential can expand to any of 30 other countries around the world with more countries being added all the time. Pat concludes: 'We can supply access numbers from over 30 countries in addition to the UK, Ireland and the USA, so you could have a truly international business! Having reached our quota in Ireland in record time, our focus is now firmly on recruitment in the UK market.'

Text provided by Cubic Telecom