Daily Poppins: Fact - our success is already being replicated by our franchisees

We are in the midst of a 'Boom Time' for domestic cleaning. The number of households employing a cleaning service is predicted to rise significantly in the next few years.

Our business concept presents specific challenges, which relates to such factors as staff absenteeism, staff retention and recruitment. From the beginning of the business in 1997, I have had a totally hands-on approach. We as a company have worked through the challenges, found the best possible solutions and have produced the Daily Poppins Success Formula, which includes the key to effective staff management. This in turn enables Franchisees to build a strong customer base that provides excellent repeat business in a sector that is booming.

Many more private households are following the trend of commercial offices in outsourcing their domestic chores. The increasing need for the service is a result for the growth in two-income households, rising recognition of the value of leisure time and longer working hours.

What our Franchisees say

'I wanted a business in domestic cleaning that I could run from home so I could spend more time with my family and Daily Poppins has provided me with exactly that. My business has grown over the last two years to an annual turnover of almost £200,000. Through hard work and determination I have had a dramatic change in lifestyle with a new car and holidays abroad. I am so confident in Daily Poppins that I have recently invested in a second territory.'
Agnes Gasceka
Daily Poppins Swindon and Newbury

'I was attracted to franchising by the idea of buying an existing business. Joining Daily Poppins is like joining a family. From my initial first contact I was speaking to the owner of the business Nigel Bearman rather than an appointee. The amount of support provided both inside and outside the business by Daily Poppins is phenomenal! I have had the advantage of learning the business 'from the horse's mouth', and everything is prepared to a very professional standard.'
Clemence Munadzo
Daily Poppins Southampton

'I took on the Daily Poppins franchise on the recommendation of my sister, who runs the franchise in Newbury. The main attraction for me was that you don't have to work six or seven days a week, you can run the business from home and still have my weekends.

"I launched the business in April this year and have had really good support from Daily Poppins. Nigel has been very helpful and I have already achieved £85,000 of business and are on course to hit my target of £100,000 in the first year.'
Lukasz Budzyn
Daily Poppins Basingstoke