Fight the growing obesity crisis with Dietcare

Getting ready to launch her Dietcare franchise, Katie Simpson is not only hoping for financial success but also for more job satisfaction

With a January launch date planned, one of Katie Simpson's main drivers in starting her Dietcare franchise is her passion for healthy eating and her desire to help people to lose weight and lead healthy lifestyles.

"I previously worked as a project manager but I was fed up of working long hours in a technical job and I felt I needed more face-to-face contact with people to be more satisfied," remembers Katie (pictured above, right, with Dietcare Founder Norah Lane). "I have lost weight and I am interested in healthy eating and cooking so I began looking for opportunities to train in this sector. I looked at a variety of options, including going to university to train, but I decided on franchising because it would allow me to start up a business relatively quickly.

"Dietcare immediately appealed to me as it is an ethical company that provides quite a unique service. One of the reasons why I really liked Dietcare is the fact that their diet plans are based on eating healthy foods and do not involve any gimmicks. I also liked the fact that with Dietcare you can offer one-to-one sessions with slimmers and their weight loss plans can accommodate different dietary needs."

The fact that Dietcare provides full training and franchise owners can gain a recognised health qualification also appealed to Katie. "I spent two weeks at the Dietcare head office on an intensive training course," she reveals. "As well as the initial training on the dietetic and marketing side of the business, my training included the RSPH (Royal Society of Public Health) training and examination, leading to a qualification. I have also been given reference manuals on the training and operating side of the Dietcare business. Dietcare is constantly available for ongoing support."

Katie is preparing to launch her Birmingham-based franchise in January 2010. "To start with I am going to try to rent a room within another business," she explains. "Dietcare has given a lot of advice with what to look for in a premise. Head office has also provided a lot of material to help promote my business and I am planning to spend most of December promoting it ready for my January launch."

Katie is confident that her Dietcare business will succeed despite the fact that she is launching it in the current economic climate. "The recession will have an impact on my business, however I'm not worried too much about the affect it will have. The fact that levels of obesity in the UK are growing and people need help and support in leading a healthy lifestyle should make my business successful."

With a turnover target of £30,000 in her first year and £70,000 in her second, Katie has long-term plans for her business. "In the future I am hoping to grow my business and be successful in helping a large number of people in Birmingham achieve their goal of getting healthy," she says. "In regards to my lifestyle I know that I will need to put in a lot of hours, however I hope the hours I work will be more in my control and my overall work will give me more satisfaction to what I was doing previously."

Reported by Derin Ibrahim

Franchise Package includes

  • Comprehensive training and continuing professional development
  • Continual personal support and guidance
  • Exclusive territory
  • 24 hour telephone answering service, so you never miss a customer
  • Royal Society of Public Health training leading to a professional qualification
  • Complete set of equipment
  • Initial stationery & marketing materials
  • Personalised website, email and intranet site

Initial Investment Requirement

Low start-up fee of £14,750 + VAT - with no hidden extras

Summary of the Service

Franchise owners support clients through a programme of one-to-one consultations. The head office dietetic team constructs an individual healthy eating plan for each client based on information gathered by the franchise owner at the first consultation. These are then explained to the client at the following consultation. The franchise owner continues to support clients in achieving their health and lifestyle goals.