The golf franchise-Deal with the biggest golf clubs in the UK

There are almost 3,000 golf clubs in the UK and Ireland and Sonic Golf has signed deals with the largest clubs in the UK. The company is looking for franchisees across Britain to aid its nationwide expansion

The Sonic Golf national expansion programme has received an extra boost with the company having recently signed contracts with some of the leading golf companies in the UK. Sonic Golf is aiming to capitalise on this success by recruiting 10-15 new franchisees this year.

'We have signed contracts with Belfry, Marriott Hotels, De Vere, Leaderboard Group, The Club Company and Crown Golf, which is the largest golf club in Europe and has 56 locations in the UK,' reveals Joel Bissitt, Sonic Golf Founder. 'Our priority locations at the moment are for the North, Midlands, East Anglia and the South West for England, as well as all areas of Scotland and Wales.'

At the centre of the Sonic Golf business concept is its golf club cleaning machines, which use ultrasonic technology to enable the cleaning solution to reach all parts of the club head and grips far quicker and more effectively than any other cleaning method. Franchisees operate a minimum of five machines, which they supply to golf clubs, and are responsible for refilling with water and detergent on a regular basis, as well as making sure that each machine is clean and all equipment is tidy.

In addition to this the company provides a Sonic Golf Mobile Licence Opportunity. This is a smaller business opportunity that can be run on a part-time or casual basis. Franchisees who choose this option are provided with the equipment to operate golf club cleaning on a mobile basis within their region, which enables the franchisee to choose the hours they trade.

The most recent Sonic Golf franchise opportunity is its Eco-Buggys Licence, which was set up after speaking to hundreds of golf professionals across the UK and discovered that many clubs either do not have golf buggies or have too few. Furthermore maintenance and insurance can be an issue especially with petrol-driven buggies. With a population that is ever-increasing in age, the mobility market is booming and many golfers need a buggy to be able to keep playing golf.

Sonic Golf has stated that many of the professionals it spoke to advised that they see single seat buggies as the future as they cause less damage to golf courses, can be provided at a lower cost and are much more friendly to the environment. The Eco-Buggys franchise works in the same way as the machine and licence opportunities, with franchisees leasing the buggies from the franchisor and supplying them to golf clubs free of charge and revenue is shared between the franchisee and the golf club.

Joel explains: 'We are looking for both regional and single-unit franchise partners to run both the Sonic Golf and the Eco-Buggy businesses. The Eco-Buggys and Sonic Golf franchises can be run together and are quite easy to sell together to golf clubs.'

Franchisees have to take an active role in the operation of their business and must be prepared to work hands-on and do a lot of fieldwork. Additionally, for those looking to take on a regional franchise, a reasonable level of management skills is essential. As part of the franchise package Sonic Golf will provide a field and classroom training course that takes place at the Sonic Golf head office. Franchisees will also be provided with marketing support and ongoing field support.

Sonic Golf states that there are almost 3,000 golf clubs in the UK and Ireland and the company is looking for potential franchisees who are able to realise its national growth plans and capitalise on the largely untapped market that currently exists.

Reported by: Derin Ibrahim