US franchise seeks international expansion

Duraclean has been solving cleaning, restoration and remediation problems for homes, offices and institutions since 1930 and is currently looking for Master Franchisees to expand the Duraclean Franchise System.

Franchisees will manage the growth of Duraclean services within their exclusive territory. This growth would be your revenue generator for the business. There are 4 major growth mechanisms:

  • Selling Sub-franchises
  • Collecting a Royalty from service sales from sub-franchises
  • Distributing products and equipment to sub-franchise holders
  • Running an owned and operated sub-franchise


Selling and licensing Duraclean franchises by you to individuals within territory. The sale will generate revenue through a management service fee as part of the agreement. They will be licensed to perform all of Duracleanís multiple services and will create working revenue from the services they perform cleaning commercial, schools, hospitals, institutional and residential building.

Management Service Fees

Initial training is designed to help you train sub-franchise holders and employees. This training will help to lead and motivate the sub-franchise holder to produce more service revenue. It is then your responsibility to train the holders and employees and provide technical support for their businesses.

Equipment & Supplies

Distribution of products and equipment sub-franchise holder will need to perform their cleaning services.

Owned and operated sub-franchise

Owning and operating a sub-franchise has two main benefits:

  • Can deliver cash flow and additional profitability for your businesses model
  • Can become a model for selling and training additional sub-franchises


Duraclean International will work together with you to create a time line for implementing the Master Franchise agreement. This being with an intense training schedule in the US, at the Duraclean Corporate facility, for a minimum of three weeks. This time can increase depending on circumstances. Training and support will focus on all aspects of your Master Franchise responsibilities. Examples are:

  • Marketing for Sub-franchising and Duraclean revenue
  • Franchise management
  • Support of your service franchises

During the training at Duraclean, you will be exposed to the complete range of services. Initially, you may not think that some of the services will be important in your country, but the complete list will be covered. Itís important to understand that you could, if you wish, perform any or all of the following:

  • Janitorial/general cleaning
  • Hard surface floor care
  • Furniture cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Rug cleaning
  • Water restoration
  • Fire restoration
  • Ultra sonic cleaning
  • Duct cleaning
  • Environmental cleaning

After initial training, Duraclean will schedule itís first visit to correspond to any grand opening celebration for your Master Franchise. This will be the first of multiple visits to your office by Duraclean International Executives.

Working together, we will discover the steps that you need to take in order to succeed. In addition to initial training and our visits, our ongoing support includes technical workshops, operational videos and CDs, Duraclean journals and bulletins, computer based training, franchisee website and international conventions.

The Duraclean Difference

We truly believe the Duraclean Difference separates us from any other franchise system; we don't try to make you fit our system, we customize our system to fit your territory. We counsel with you to choose the right services, from Duraclean's menu of services, to package for your sub-franchises. Finally, Duraclean's Professional Support Staff is second to none totaling over 175 years of practical business experience within the cleaning, restoration, and remediation industry giving us the unparallel ability to support your efforts.