FiltaFry franchisee signs for third term

FiltaFry is pleased to announce that Steve Edwards, its Oxford based franchisee, has just signed his third Franchise Agreement.

Steve, who originally invested in the Milton Keynes area, but later sold to buy the Oxford area, has now been operating for 12 years and is looking forward to continued success with the FiltaFry concept for another five-year term.

Steve met up with Franchise Manager Damian Slater to explain why he thinks that FiltaFry has been such a success for him.

“It’s simple, you just need to follow the FiltaFry system, keep it simple and don’t try to do things any other way than what they teach you at head office on the training course. The service itself is a no-brainer for any commercial kitchen or anyone with a deep fat fryer; it sells itself! When I go into a kitchen and they have dirty fryers with dirty oil, I smile to myself because I know that within an hour, I will be able to stand back and show the chef the results: a fryer that looks like new and nice clean shiny oil ready to cook in again. The kitchen needs to see it to believe it but when they do you could have a customer for life!

"The other benefits to the customer are no health and safety risks for their staff, cost savings because we reduce their oil spend, no more waste oil outside their kitchens and better food quality for their customers. Oh, and happier staff because they hate doing the job I love!

The other bit that I enjoy about this franchise is being able to see the same people in a variety of kitchens from week to week. My customers are always happy to see me and I am happy to see them too. I look after my customers and they look after me. I can honestly say that over the past 10 years in Oxford, I have only lost a few jobs, purely because of management changes or because of a closure, never because of the service we provide. I even have a waiting list of clients who want to use me but I can’t fit them in right now.

One of the main advantages of the FiltaFry franchise, over any other that I have looked at, is that you only need a relatively small customer-base to make a decent living. I run my business on a customer-base of 35. I am also free to offer my independent customers other services relative to kitchen services and hygiene. This includes selling fresh cooking oil, removing their waste oil - which I make a margin on, supply of chemicals to kitchens, and sometimes commercial oven cleans.

With FiltaFry, there is no renewal fee when I re-sign, the overheads are  xed so I know where my break-even point is and the head offie staff are always there should I need anything at all. However they are not constantly calling or pestering me. It’s a great relationship; actually more like a family. I have no regrets about getting involved with FiltaFry and I am looking forward to another successful term.”

Franchise manager Damian Slater adds that the group is already seeing a lot of enquiries this year for interest in the FiltaFry concept and has already signed four new franchise owners in the UK this year. FiltaFry is upgrading its invoicing system to electronic, which will go live by March 2015, and save a lot of time for franchisees each day, which will help them get more jobs in the day.

“The new system will also benefit the customers, as they will be able to see how much oil has been filtered or replaced, and will be linked directly to an Environmental Impact report for the end user," comments Damian. "This will allow customers to see the reduction in their carbon footprint by using FiltaFry Plus."

European expansion has been successful over the past three years and FiltaFry can now be found operating in more than 20 countries around the world.