Andrew finds his perfect fit

No stranger to the benefits of franchising, Andrew Scowcroft discovered that Foot Solutions offered him a fresh challenge while taking his health care experience down a different path

Following 10 years of working alongside the National Health Service starting up various companies, Andrew Scowcroft invested in a franchise in the domiciliary care sector, which he later sold when he moved to the South West of England with his wife and two children.

“I was already happy with the method of franchising, having had a successful franchise previously,” explains Andrew. “When I moved to Plymouth, I decided to stick with what I knew was a tried-and-tested model and started researching my options. I discovered the Foot Solutions brand in a franchise magazine and recognised the market opportunity immediately, due to my own background and my wife being a podiatrist.”

Foot Solutions uses the most advanced technology combined with a full understanding of biomechanics of feet and gait, along with the highest quality footwear to fit each customer’s unique feet. Using its customised solutions delivered through its retail stores, Foot Solutions improves comfort and body alignment and helps customers achieve better health through their feet. Foot Solutions franchise owners enjoy repeat custom because they provide bespoke solutions with an attractive range of footwear.

“I did consider other franchises in the care sector and it took 12 months of research before I finally settled on Foot Solutions,” adds Andrew. “I understand the systems that franchises use so I was confident about my choice, and in July 2009 I bought my Foot Solutions franchise.”

Foot Solutions operates within five market niches: health & wellness, medical/therapeutic, active/sports, comfort & style and arch supports & orthotics. Many people use their in-store services to buy all their footwear from trainers to fashionable office attire. This includes people with long-term foot conditions and injury, or those that simply want the best for their feet. Foot Solutions offers personal service delivered by trained experts and are popular across all age groups for people who are looking for comfort without compromising on style.

Andrew continues: “For anyone looking into or thinking about buying their first franchise, I probably have lots of information I could pass on! I think the most essential tip though is to look into the numbers. You need to look for actual evidence of that specific franchise delivering with their franchise model in the way they claim. You can then see if this success is replicated across the franchise owner network. You need solid systems.”

Foot Solutions is the world’s largest health and wellness franchise focusing on foot care and proper fit. It has a proven business model operating in over 200 locations worldwide.

“I would recommend Foot Solutions to anyone looking to own a business that has the potential for substantial financial rewards while making a positive impact on people’s lives,” beams Andrew. “There are not many businesses that can claim both. I have even recommended the franchise opportunity to one of my friends!”

There are now about 14 million people in the UK aged over 60, and this is projected to increase by 50 per cent over the next 25 years. Over half of new cases of foot care come from people over 65, of whom 58 per cent are choosing to receive their foot care through a private provider rather than the NHS. This is just one of the five areas where the Foot Solutions market is growing.

You will require a minimum of £60,000 in liquid capital but, once fully-established, you are expected to generate from £400,000 to £1 million each year, achieving very attractive profit margins.

Written by Fraser McKay