The ultimate franchise resale opportunity

Both Master Franchise and multi-unit owners can point to several advantages of their franchise business models.

We at FDS have the privilege to speak frequently with Master Franchise owners and multi-unit owners, both of whom could argue that their respective franchise business model could be the ultimate franchise resale as and when they decide to sell their franchise businesses.

So what is the difference between the two? The Master Franchise owner holds the rights to develop the franchise brand within a specified territory; you will have several income streams, including management fees. Their main objective is to recruit franchise owners for which they will receive an agreed percentage of the sale of the franchise with the franchisor. The multi-unit owner is encouraged, by the franchisor, to expand by opening additional units. In some instances it may be part of the franchise agreement that you are required to open up to five locations within a given time scale, and indeed you may be encouraged to open more.

Both models offer exceptional profits, demonstrating, without doubt, the power of franchising: investing in a proven business model with support, guidance, network suppliers and brand recognition, which are all the fundamental elements of a successful business.

It is becoming quite common for multi-unit owners to own two to three different brands in their portfolio. These owners have less to do with the day-to-day running of the business, but more control over the coordination of Managers and Area Managers, and a closer working relationship with the franchisor.

Whether you wish to become a single unit franchise owner, a multi-unit franchise owner or a Master Franchise owner, we at FDS have the necessary, skills, experience and contacts to assist you with your franchising aspirations. If you are a multi-unit franchise owner wishing to sell your business, please contact Jess Bains MICBA.