Discover FranMapping

Discover how to Increase the Potential of your Franchise Business

To extract the maximum potential from your franchise you need the right territory structure.

Even if some territories have been allocated, optimising the remaining geography - using the right data to develop carefully balanced regions - can bring in substantial extra income.

FranMapping can help:

Franchise boundary adjustment and balancing of new territories.

You manage and set territory status (available, under offer, sold or resale). This gives prospective franchise owners an up-to-date snapshot of franchise availablity and helps you award your franchises faster!

Custom franchise owner packs - the territory map (ready to print pdf), postcode-to territory allocation data sheet, wall maps, prospect data, marketing statistics, all for you to include in your legal franchise owner documentation and offer.

Paper-based territory designs, turned into web based systems, designed to improve the sales process and the way leads are allocated to franchise owners.

Profiling and analysis of marketing potential, when considering new geographical areas.

Call us now and take advantage of our FREE assessment of your existing franchise territories. For UK franchisors we will create a map of your current territories from a postcode allocation you provide, then use business or census data to see how well your territories are balanced. We will then provide you a pdf map and a short report of our findings and recommendations.