Franmatch: "A bespoke franchisee recruitment solution"

To provide an effective Lead Management Service from within your company takes considerable knowledge, time, effort and expense with multiple calls made outside of office hours which impacts on your social life! We take care of everything and simply call you in when, and only when, we have a suitable candidate for you to interview.

Our structured method enables us to identify and focus our attention on only the genuine prospects, or 'hot leads'. By following our methods we ensure that, prior to meeting with you, the candidate matches your profile and is seriously interested in investing in your Franchise. It is only at this stage that we will arrange for the applicant to meet with you.

To reach the goal of arranging a single meeting for you we will have spoken to many candidates on numerous occasions to pre-qualify those suitable and to filter out those that either do not wish to progress or don't match the requirements for your Franchise.

Traditionally Franchisors have had two choices for their recruitment strategy:

  1. Build an in-house recruitment team which can be costly, inefficient and needs to be managed on a daily basis.
  2. Share the responsibility of recruitment at director level and accept that the time spent on Franchisee selection can detract from your other business duties and thus have an impact on business development.

FDS now offers Franchisors a third choice - FranMatch, a service that saves you time and money!

The FranMatch service appeals to the established and new Franchisor allowing them to utilise their time and management in other areas of their Franchise Development.

Provided that your company has realistic Franchisee Recruitment goals, a budget in place and the desire to work with us then we should have the ability to succeed together.

Our structured lead management service includes:

  • A promotional campaign in FDS publications and websites to generate the highest calibre prospective Franchisee enquiries.
  • Analysis of each enquiry to ensure they meet your profile requirements.
  • Initiate an email campaign to each qualified applicant.
  • Educate the candidate on your business and the role of the Franchisee.
  • Initial introduction & fact finding calls with candidates to learn more about them and confirm information provided.
  • In-depth telephone interview to further qualify the candidate.
  • Thorough review of candidate to assess their suitability for your Franchise.
  • Facilitate meetings with suitable candidates and yourself.
  • Follow up calls and post meeting feedback to you.

Using FDS services for lead management has the following benefits:

  • We have our own leading Franchise Recruitment publications, websites & editorial team to create the best possible campaign for you.
  • We have made a substantial investment in software and people dedicated to Franchisee Recruitment.
  • We have a strong track record in aiding expansion nationally & internationally.
  • Our service operates within British Franchise Association guidelines.
  • We visit you to learn your business to better educate candidates.
  • We obtain and provide honest feedback from candidates.
  • We limit the number of clients that we work with to ensure the best possible service is provided.
  • You will only meet with pre-qualified candidates - saving you time and money.
  • We are flexible and react quickly as your Franchisee recruitment needs change.
  • Regular Management Reports are provided ensuring you are kept up to date.

When a meeting has been arranged we supply you with a profile pack containing:

  • Personal contact details & background information
  • Financial information
  • A summary of our opinion

We look forward to answering any questions that you may have.