Take a bite of the nation's favourite

Take a bite of the nation's favourite

Harry Ramsden's is Britain's longest established restaurant chain and is world famous for its Fish and Chips.

Celebrating 85 years in operation, there are currently almost 30 Harry Ramsden's outlets operating across the UK from as far North as Inverness right down to the South in Bournemouth, with branches also trading successfully in Ireland.

Harry's Facts

  • Fish and Chips remain the nation's favourite cuisine with 382m portions sold annually.
  • Harry Ramsden's is the brand most closely associated with Fish and Chips globally
  • Brand awareness and recognition coupled with the popularity of the offering ensure Harry Ramsden's outlets compete effectively with their competition from the outset

We're expanding. Do you want to be part of something big?

Harry's Franchise Options We're looking to increase our presence through the roll out of two core offerings: Restaurants and Locals, both of which offer an amazing opportunity to become part of a British Institutions.

  • Full service restaurants with seating and separate takeaway counters in premises extending up to 4000 sq ft in major cities and seaside locations... Typical investment c. £705,000
  • Traditional locals extending up to 1000 sq ft, located in the heart of heavily populated towns, cities and suburbs offering takeaway meals to the local community... typical investment c. £245,000