Kall Kwik UK: Designed to deliver

Kall Kwik UK is surging ahead with its new positioning.

Dyson extending its product range to wheelbarrows and washing machines. Virgin extending its services into almost everything. Most companies, like Dyson and Virgin, understand that their very survival relies on bringing new products and services to the marketplace. Changes in client tastes, advances in technology and competitor activity mean that companies cannot rely on past products and services to ensure they remain successful.

Through the design to deliveryTM initiative this is exactly what Kall Kwik UK, BFA Franchisor of the Year, is doing as we seek to support franchisees in extending their core printing services to a fuller range of services.

The initiative stems from research undertaken that highlighted how medium and large companies would prefer an accessible, trusted single source provider for all their print-based communication needs.

As our Head of Marketing John Blyth explains: 'The focus for Kall Kwik is to better serve our business clients. For many Kall Kwik franchisees this means evolving the service offering, being design led, and sometimes surprising clients who say 'I didn't know you did that!''

The design to delivery service extension has many benefits for franchisees including:

  • increasing the opportunity for Kall Kwik franchisees to respond to client needs;
  • offering diversity to franchisees who can complete the full journey from design to delivery, or specialise in a combination of services, for example design and large-format printing;
  • avoiding the risks associated with over specialisation;
  • a more appealing proposition for the national clients of Kall Kwik UK's Corporate Brands division.

Initial feedback conducted at Kall Kwik's regional meetings, which bring together franchisor and franchisee, indicated a 90 per cent plus support factor throughout the network, with the vast majority of Kall Kwik franchisees eager to adopt the D2D positioning.

The new positioning has also had overwhelmingly positive results with the entire network enjoying a 25 per cent increase in design work and more opportunities to pitch for work with elite business clients. Kall Kwik has also developed a healthy client base that is dominated by corporate clients.

The promotional tools supplied to franchisees by Kall Kwik UK as part of their centralised marketing plans are, in part, responsible for the ongoing success of the new positioning:

  • direct mailings being used to explain the new services, raise awareness and attract new clients;
  • national public relations activities to target client publications and to generate discussions with opinion leaders and journalists;
  • a specially created D2D magazine, which is distributed to franchisees' clients;
  • joint advertising campaigns with Kall Kwik's strategic partners.

Kall Kwik UK has always prided itself on its comprehensive support package, which for D2D incorporates training, equipment and software advice and field-based executives.

The innovative culture that Kall Kwik is developing will see new services developed with franchisees through regional seminars and advisory groups. The new services will offer clients real benefits and help Kall Kwik franchisees increase their turnover and growth.

Kall Kwik provides franchisees with a proven business formula and lifecycle support package that has been developed and refined since the first Kall Kwik opened in 1979. This is an exciting time to join Kall Kwik, which currently has new and re-sale opportunities available across the UK, and has recently opened new businesses in Sunderland and Oxford.

Written by Managing Director Mike Hutter