Kall Kwik UK could help you overcome your fears of starting your own business

Kall Kwik UK could help you overcome your fears of starting your own business

Kall Kwik UK, Franchisor of the Year and leading business design and print franchisor, has found that the factors usually stopping people from starting their own businesses are: 'happy to maintain the status quo', 'stress of starting up a business', 'lack of funding' and 'laziness'. Aside from the last response, all very legitimate reasons why starting your own business is a scary, yet exciting proposition. However, all are based in one way or another on fear, specifically a fear of failing.

Although any method of starting your own business presents a risk, the franchise route is statistically the safest. According to the BFA/Natwest UK Franchise Survey 2005, 88 per cent of franchisees claim to be profitable and the average length of time that franchisees have run the business has risen from 6.8 years in 1994 to 9.92 years in 2004.

Kall Kwik reduces the risk of failure even further by focusing on providing business clients with a range of services from design to deliveryTM (D2D). For Kall Kwik franchisees this means the potential to maximise profits through a range of services, rather than just one, as well as providing additional reasons to talk to clients.

Another fear-reducing factor in joining Kall Kwik is that no previous experience in the design and print industry is required. Mark Eagles, Owner of Kall Kwiks in Waterloo Street and Edgbaston in Birmingham, confirms that anyone serious about starting their own business has the potential to become a successful Owner, regardless of working background: 'The great thing about Kall Kwik is that they don't expect you to enter the network knowing anything about print or even running a business, because they train you in all the relevant disciplines.'

Even more impressive is Kall Kwik's award-winning support. The benefits include: assistance with issues such as funding, legal and property; extensive lifecycle support and training; field-based support; practical and strategic business advice; and centralised marketing campaigns.

Although all good franchisors provide a level of support, Kall Kwik differentiates itself through a culture of collaboration. Sanjay Ashar, Owner of Kall Kwik Harrow, explains: 'Prior to becoming an Owner, Kall Kwik UK advised me to visit a number of franchisees. What stood out was that the support extends beyond Kall Kwik headquarters and includes nearly 160 businesses across the UK, each willing to provide guidance.'

There is no doubt that Kall Kwik can provide a profitable business opportunity, especially with its brand recognition, supplier alliances, long-standing membership of the BFA and proven business framework, which has been refined and honed over 25 years.

However, before considering being your own boss, Mark Eagles suggests you should be realistic about what it involves: 'I believe franchisees who succeed often do so because they don't expect to walk into a business and immediately earn more money than they did when they were employed. 'It isn't just about making your own decisions, you have to be happy to get your hands dirty, work harder than anyone else and have the courage of your convictions. You also have to possess the leadership skills that will enable you to motivate your staff and encourage them to share your vision.'

If you are serious about starting your own business with a leading franchisor, call Kall Kwik UK and see how we can help you dispel your fears and realise your potential.

Written by Mike Hutter, Managing Director