Kall Kwik: New years, new ideas

Kall Kwik UK franchisees (Centre Owners) achieve an average turnover of £430,000 - over 40% more than the average franchised business turnover.

There are many advantages to starting up a franchise business, such as having a ready-made market, the backing of a much bigger organisation and using that organisation's brand image. However, of equal importance is choosing a franchise opportunity that will provide you and your business with support for the long term. Over the past 26 years Kall Kwik UK has been single-minded in developing a winning formula that helps franchisees establish a sustainable business.

Kall Kwik UK continually refines skills and processes, helps franchisees establish their business quicker than the competition and delivers a model to franchisees that is straightforward and attractive. The initial support Kall Kwik UK provides goes far beyond the basics, such as legal, property and financial planning, and includes:

  • Five weeks' intensive training.
  • A tailored marketing plan that helps franchisees achieve target sales growth.
  • A business services executive that will be with the franchisee for the first fortnight of trading and thereafter to offer direction and support in every aspect of running the business.

The Marketing Launch Programme (MLP) is a centralised direct marketing campaign, which runs for 12 months and enables Centre Owners to promote a wide range of print-based services directly to potential clients.

Centre Owners benefit from Kall Kwik's initial 'Academy' support package, which allows them to make progress and concentrate their efforts on developing client relationships, without getting distracted by the day-to-day issues which an independent business owner would face.

Beyond the initial support provided to Kall Kwik Centre Owners is a 'lifecycle support package' that helps franchisees move from the introduction stage of the franchise lifecycle towards growth, maturity and sustained profitability. We offer a unified approach that ensures all departments work seamlessly to provide added value to franchisees.

Kall Kwik provides: considerable purchasing savings on equipment, intensive training courses on subjects ranging from sales and marketing to business and management development, highly qualified field-based Operations Managers and a 'plug and play' annual marketing toolkit.

Looking to the future and Kall Kwik's ability to adapt to market changes, emphasis is being placed on franchisees' key competencies. These include a range of services from design (a hugely exciting growth potential area that generates additional print work) through to print and on to fulfilment and delivery. We call it 'design to delivery' and it is extending the brand's reputation for excellence beyond the core field of business print.

There are very few franchises that offer such close and lengthy ongoing support. We believe that this, coupled with the centralised marketing programmes we offer will put Centre Owners in a better position to deal with the challenges of building a successful business.

Written by Franchise Development Manager Caroline Joyce