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Jamie Hickson spent most of his working life in banking and finance before radically changing direction and joining the UK’s leading medical and domiciliary care franchise: Kare Plus. We hear his story.

Now into his second year as a franchise owner, Jamie’s business is growing strongly and he predicts that he will achieve turnover of £750,000 by the year-end with average profit margins of 40 per cent. He says he’s never been so busy, but loves being his own boss and enjoys a sense of satisfaction that makes the hard work well worthwhile. “I have been staggered by the rate of growth – and delighted too, of course,” he admits. “I’ve found that there is huge demand for my services and I’m more convinced than ever that the potential for this business is absolutely colossal!”

Jamie had always wanted to work for himself, but the trigger to focus on the care sector was an unhappy experience in his own life, when a close relative became ill and failed to receive the quality of support and care the family expected. “The clear need for high quality care that I’d seen at first hand motivated me to look at setting up a company to provide these services,” Jamie confirms. “I quickly realised that going it alone would simply not be an option. The protocols and compliance requirements you need to even get through the door, let alone to grow and succeed, are just frightening.”

He recognised that the best route forward was to identify and buy into an existing, established brand, with proven clinical experience and he chose Kare Plus because the franchise provides much greater scope than most competitors, as he points out: “You’re not restricted to domiciliary care with Kare Plus, you can also provide medical care and nursing staff too.”

With business thriving and such a high demand in his sector Jamie recruited a registered manager to support him in growing his business further. He comments: “Our ageing population and changes in the NHS have led to rapid growth in the marketplace. Currently I have around 50 carers and nurses on my books, around 12 of who are working full time, providing services to 30 different care homes.”

In order to operate in the domiciliary sector, Jamie and his new manager Jayne have had to become CQC (Care Quality Commission) accredited, which lays down stringent policies and procedures for compliance.

“From knowing nothing about healthcare provision when I started, I’m so much more confident now. I’ve learned so much in such a short time and am operating my business increasingly independently. However, you never stop learning and I know I can count on the team at head office to get me where I need to be.”

“Although I was well paid in my previous career, my earnings with Kare Plus are already much higher and have the potential to increase significantly over the next few years,” he concludes. “You have to be prepared to put in the hours and cope with the demands of a rapidly growing business, but the rewards are certainly there – not only in terms of money, but in the satisfaction that comes with making a real difference to people’s lives!”

Written by Megan Dunmore