A class act

LIPA 4:19 provides children with the chance to sing, dance and act in a friendly and supportive environment. It also gives enthusiastic and driven adults the chance to share in the joy of shaping a child’s future while making an enviable living. Gareth Samuel reports

The best franchisors, as any respected franchise consultant will tell you, operate with total transparency – this is certainly the case with LIPA4:19. The franchisor insists that it can give investors incomparable work/life balance, complete flexibility and the chance to earn a living in a truly enjoyable role. These benefits are available for those who are willing to take on the philosophy of the business and work hard.

Chris Talbot, Principal of the Southampton branch of LIPA4:19, sees the emotional and job satisfaction bonuses of his work everyday and is well on track to receive the substantial financial benefits in the near future too. He comments: “For anyone who has chosen working with children all their career, managing your own business to deliver something good for children is very rewarding. For me it provides an opportunity to combine my training as a teacher, my experience as a manager and my passion for performing arts. On good days, I walk around the corridors of my academy and think, gosh, I have made this happen for these kids.”

LIPA4:19 was created as a franchise opportunity to cover the country, following the continued precedence of one of the most respected performance arts schools in the country – The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts. The 4:19 opportunity exists to provide the same incredible standard of performance arts tutoring across the UK (as well as in Bulgaria).

The LIPA philosophy combines achievement and social and personal development for its pupils, this potion of attitudes pumps right the way through the business as the lifeblood of a concept centred on its students.

Chris receives regular support from the LIPA4:19 head office and is proud to be part of such a vocal and supportive network of franchise owners. Chris adds: “I looked at totally different businesses, but I realised I would always want to work in children’s services – I was drawn to LIPA because it was LIPA. It suited my education ethos more than that of its rivals. I also liked the idea of being part of a network of franchisees and I do find the network support very helpful.”

The benefits to Chris’ life of investing in his own LIPA 4:19 franchise have far outweighed his initial investment in terms of worth and he is beaming with pride over the progress of his pupils: “We have seen our children develop. We have one young person with autism who could not go in to classes without support and she has grown in confidence and ability. She came to us a good singer and actress, but it is the dance where she has made leaps and bounds (excuse the pun). Now she wants to go to Italia Conti, where our dance teacher trained we have a young person who was very withdrawn and suffers from dyspraxia. For a year she only half joined in, but this year she is fully engage; her confidence and self-esteem have increased so much she seems like a different person. We cater for all abilities and you cannot help but be proud that your business is contributing to all of their development.”

If you are looking for a franchise that provides more than just a wage with a stellar name in its industry sector, the LIPA 4:19 performing arts opportunity is one worth singing about