Out-Performing The Competition

If you are in the market for a franchise that offers its franchise owners unequalled job satisfaction with impressive income to match, LIPA 4:19 should be one of the first opportunities on your list. Gareth Samuel investigates what a LIPA 4:19 franchise has to offer proactive entrepreneurs.

When it was announced six years ago that the UK’s most esteemed performing arts centre, The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, was going to have an associated franchise arm to it, the industry sat up and watched with excited anticipation. Now there are eight thriving franchises providing hundreds of children with the same standard of performance arts learning they could expect from the centre on Merseyside.

Investors in a LIPA4:19 franchise can expect a turnover of up to £65,000 in the first 12 months of trading; this figure is based on three academic terms with 60 students in attendance. This turnover, juxtaposed against the comparatively low investment required of just £13,500, means that for entrepreneurs on a budget looking for an extremely scalable business, LIPA 4:19 is ideal.

Of course, as with any franchise, the prospective profitability of a specific franchise is dependent upon location and structure. Many franchise owners, for instance, teach children in schools, saving money on building rental costs. The LIPA 4:19 franchise is, according to many of its practicing franchise owners, a flexible business, allowing investors the time to grow their business at their own rate.

In addition to the operational advantages of LIPA4:19, the business is an associate member of the British Franchise Association (bfa). Businesses which qualify for this association have to adhere to the strict ethical business practices that the organisation sets out. Investors then, can be sure that LIPA 4:19 is a franchise opportunity verified by the most stringent of ethical guidelines.

Deciding whether or not a LIPA 4:19 franchise is right for you is worth careful consideration. As a business owner, you would spend your days collecting clients in the form of individuals, schools and clubs and then providing singing, dancing and acting classes to children with an authentic interest in the performing arts. These children, more often than not, thrive through the LIPA 4:19 experience – as you might imagine, for most franchise owners, the job satisfaction is inspiring.

Although successful 4:19 franchise owners come in many forms, having previous experience in the performing arts industry is often a common trait. What is more important to the LIPA 4:19 head office is that franchise owners have the drive to realise professional ambitions. It is therefore preferable that anyone considering a LIPA 4:19 franchise has professional goals they want, and are able, to achieve through LIPA 4:19.

For anyone looking for a business with real job satisfaction and an impressive prospective turnover, there are few more appealing sights than the bright lights of LIPA 4:19.