Get results as a Professional Investigator

Nikki Timson Cambridgeshire franchisee.
Launched June 2006
'I knew as soon as I started looking into London House that it was right for me. The more I delved into the proposition the more interested I became. I looked at the company's pedigree, background, client base, organisation and customer service and found it to be a very comfortable organisation that I wanted to be a part of. All through this the company put no pressure on me - there was no heavy sell.

'The training is a very intense mix of theoretical and practical, and there is a lot to take on board - I feel very prepared and the huge operations manual will be a godsend. I've already had several phone calls from other franchisees offering support and wishing me luck. I will be able to draw from their experience in operating the business. I'm also developing a close, two-way relationship with head office. From what I've seen of my fellow franchisees' businesses, I'm very confident in the future of this franchise.'

David Degiorgio Norwich, Ipswich & Colchester Launched July 2005 'London House stood out from the other management-type franchise opportunities I examined. I was looking for a business I could operate from home, with no staff requirement and an element of control over what I do. I visited a number of professional brands, but none stood out until I met the London House team. It is a change from being stuck in an office. I enjoy most the investigation side of the business - being given the basic information and then going out and finding a person.'

Karen Barnes Brighton, Surrey & North Sussex Launched May 2003 'The most obvious change in my life is that I now have one. I'm now very busy and often work weekends, if there's a family event I can organise to work round it. I've got more than enough work to handle as a sole trader, and there is enough potential business now to grow significantly when my husband Tony becomes involved full-time after completing his career with the police force.'

London House is the brand leader in the provision of private and commercial investigation services.

There is a network of franchisees throughout the UK with key territories still available.

We're looking for white collar risk control and investigation franchisees. Interested?